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Enviem Forest

The most natural and protected wonder of the world

A View to Behold

Located in the floating Isle of Ineo, the Enviem Forest is nestled in a calm plain almost completely surrounding the town of Memree and covering almost the entirety of the island. The land feels mostly flat with no mountains or rocky terrain to imbalance the landscape. Small spring pools are scattered within the forest, emitting a soft yellow glow against the intensely blue landscape and are connected by the thinnest looking streams. Some of these tendrils of water spill over the edge of the island, dissipating into a golden mist. If one is lucky enough to get up high enough, the forest is a wonder to look at from afar with blue luminescent tree trunks reaching endlessly into the sky as if piercing the heavens.


Spiritual Significance

The Enviem Forest is seen as a sacred place due to its origins with The System's life and death cycle. The forest birthed all Ciers, and has since been a protected source of sentient life. An Everector was appointed to shepherd newly born entities into the world, while assisting those ready to expire to come back and be part of the forest once again. It has been observed that if entities were to die outside of the forest, the trees do not regenerate. Thus, after the Ministry of Management was established, it has been imperative to keep the Enviem forest sustainable so that sentient life can continue to thrive.


Species of the Forest

Bihnayri trees, also nicknamed "Temporary Immortals", are the only trees that fill the forest. They seem to never grow nor shrivel, but some disappear whenever a new entity is born. Then when an entity comes back to go through Guided Termination , the tree trunks once missing reappear in their place. During the daytime, the trees' trunks are a deep dark indigo, and at night they gently glow a blue ambient light. Thin branches are found much higher on the trunk, out of reach by any entity, and sparsely covered by spindly leaves. Some leaves are colored with a faint gold hue, but most shimmer a brilliant white.


The only animal that exists in the forest are Spinning Stroids, tiny star-like animals with ten arms connected by a thick webbed membrane and a translucent bell above its center.


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "Describe the most impressive landmark in your world."

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