Guided Termination

For assembly you are, and in assembly you shall return

Guided Termination is a revered rite given to entities who are at the end of their life cycle. The end of their cycle is indicated usually by the loss of knowing their name and inability to work on their purpose. Once this happens, an Everector fetches the dying entity, leading them back to the to perform the rite. Sometimes a group of entities ready to expire at the same time are herded together, with friends and/or family given the choice to follow to say their goodbyes.


A Dead Soul Beacon is enabled once a dying entity meets the criteria of nearing expiration. This is when certified Everectors are deployed from Nexus, splitting their efforts to gather those who are ready from around Navi-PC, taking whatever means of transportation available. This process can take anywhere from as soon as a few hours to a whole cycle depending where they are located. Everectors constantly communicate with each other estimated time of arrivals and updated location points. They all wait to gather outside fo the forest before entering with the dying, allowing them to say goodbye to loved ones.   Once inside the forest, they all find clear spots where they can stand comfortably without being crowded by other tree trunks. Everectors recite the Rite of Assembly to bless the entities, thanking them for their service to the System. During the prayer, pure ecstacy graces the faces of the entities as their bodies slowly come apart in triangular fractals and are consumed with intense blue light. They eventually reform back into a never-ending tree trunk that pierces the sky and are part of the Enviem forest once again. The entities are no more, and have returned into the loving embrace of Motherbjorn.


An Everector and dying entity must be present when initiating the Guided Termination, otherwise the ritual could not be executed.


The rites are reserved whenever an entity is ready to expire, with no set date or timeline.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “Describe the traditional funeral rites of a culture in your world."

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