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Describe the traditional funeral rites of a culture in your world.
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The articles

The Coriddor of scent

Meeting souls

Grief Protocol

Funerals in the land of fire and ash

Corleon Funerals

Gnomish Funeral Traditions

One Last Dance: A Suibhne Funeral

Funerals of the Dwarves

Locathah Death Rites and Cookout

Burial Rights (Yostvah Qothin)

Kivan Funerals

Prayers of the Ghosts

Zhilé Funeral Rites

La Disolución

Death Ritual of the Esper

Quia Nunc Vale

Tapestrian Funerals

Vorian Funeral Rites

Aviani Funeral Rites

Funerals in the Archepelago

Laying of the Dead

Die in the Kharis World

The last trade

Taeniit Funeral Rites


Dwarven Funeral Rites

Transerion - Flos Aqenton

Sochraide do na marbh

Death in Vithala

STUB - Ritual Dismemberment in Tsuban Funerals

Northern Funerals

Human Funeral

Rites funéraires

Funeral tradicional eimaui

Nordic Funeral

Khairok Burial at Sea

Fae Funeral Rites

Tomyru Thujemen/Ruko Joli- Forest Tribute/Walk of Death

Retour à la terre

The farewell ceremony

Funeral Rites in Bellflower

Flora's Perish

Sand burial

Return to the Earth

Journey to the World Above

The return to the clay

Royal Dwarven Funeral Rites

The Everlasting Embrace

Hunter's Barrows

Elder Ascension

Funeral and Death Rituals

Path of the Dead

Rushil Funeral Rites

The Passing

Rovian Funeral

Funerals in the Archipelago

Spirit Dolls

Fharyne Sailor's Funeral

Mourning Towers

Ritual of the Fallen of Corvanna

Entombment (Skyrir mummification ritual)

Home Shrines of the Grimm

Hero's Journey

Imperial Funerals

Laiosa Funeral Rites

Boltarian Committal

Funeral Rites: Gnomish Doomfests

Death and afterward in Ménicéa

The Long Walk

Riftish Funeral Rites

Tree Burning

The Descent

The Last Expedition

Traditional Werewolf Funeral

Rite of Reunification

Vuxian funeral rites


Blaze of Glory

Fisi Funeral

Returning to the Stone

Gears, Mounds, and Elements - Funeral Rites on Aqualon

Scion Funeral Rites

Burial in Orromy

Last Voyage

The Fjallferð

Embrace of Dau-Sajhrashi

Uhrol's Requiem of Passing

Hilboldir Funeral Rites

Rite of Return

Funeral Rites of the Raven Queen

Emperor Funerals

Zionic Death Rite

Xurugwi Funeral Rites

The Iron Pyre

Kían Funerals

Matters of the Dead (and Undead)

Maloekian Funeral Rites

Durgish Funeral Rites

Cartayan Funeral Rites

A Druid's Funeral

A Wood Elf's Funeral in the Tel'kar

The Death of an Ancestral Druid

Transfer of Souls

Orcish Funeral Traditions

Funeral of Kings

Vel Tuturi Funeral Rites

Return to the Unifier

Goodbyes in Golgar

Funeral rites of the Sakari Lizardfol

The Tunnel

Rites of the Rose

Gazezu's Light

Ngudren a Dokh

The Funerals of the Hillmen of Nazhgah

Into the Light

Guided Termination

Mourning and Remembrance on Maan Garth

Funerary Rites of Saumai

Venandi Funeral Rites for Females

Birth and Death

Ritual of the Goodbye

Northern Taiga Minotaur Funeral Rites

Funeral rites of the Cult of Hunger

Bone Armoured Cannibals - Burial Rites

Manifestation Funeral

Desert funerals and Mummification

How to bury an elf


Jackknife Funeral

The Tag and Bag

Inmali Burial

Day of Mourning

Funeral Rites in Ezo

Offerings to Nulltide - Balaceti Funerals

Drankaran Funeral

A Luoyang Funeral