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Scion Funeral Rites

Each kind of scion buries their dead differently, but they do have similar rites. The funeral starts when people close to the dead hold what is called Ceremony of Memories. There is generally about three to five people here to recall the history of their fallen friend. This lasts until they believe they have retold all of their history among them. When completed, they gather the precious items and things to spread around them during the final part of the ritual as well as sewing together their Memory Cloth.   The next part of the ritual is the more public viewing, with more minor friends and family are allowed to view the body. At this point the body, would have been wrapped up expect their face in soft silk of their Memory Cloth. Then the precious items are placed by these minor friends around them.   Draconis : Candles are then lit around them for the rest of the day. When the candles finally burn away the final rite begins.   Gryphor: Anyone with Solar Affinity then lights one finger with light for as long as they can to represent their lost friend's life or a candle if they can't. When the last one goes out the final rite.   Phoena : The final rite begins now and thee body is set aflame and is reduced to ash.   Kitsa: During the final rite, everyone wears a mask that represents themselves.   Naganais: Their attuned element is spread across their body. Once done, the final rite can begin.   During the fail rite, a scion elder of the community will start the rite by blessing the body with his or her magic. Once competed the body is set aflame and burn brightly raw magic until the body is gone.

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