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Death Ritual of the Esper

It was not a ritual those who were segregated liked or in the beginning liked. Yet it has become something else, likely not what they intend but they shoved us in to the compounds, into seclusion until they made us 'safe'. We were normal people but for a quirk that saw us part of those who had Esper abilities.

Diary of Arthur Davenport


The Commandant of the compound, ordered the first cremation, that was the now common form of burial that remained among the now Terrans. It was considered to be cleaner, better way than burying most due to the fact you can't bury some one on a ship. Though some did request being shot into a star, and this was accepted form of 'burial'.

The Commandant Andrea Wilder, ordered the body of the Esper to be cremated then the ashes to not be taken to the family but to scatter into the nearby river or sea, which ever was closer. The Commandant claimed it was to wash away the taint, it was what she told the grieved family. The rest of us hated that idea that we were tainted or something wrong with us. We were all trying to keep our humanity, and this casting us to become clean was another swipe at that.

Yet, we gained the right to take it the water ourselves, that's when it became our and our ritual for saying good by, for grieving for another life lost.


The body is cremated and the ashes placed in a simple urn. The urn is then taken by those closest,(now family is included), and they go to a water source, one that feeds out into the ocean. A pray is said, or just silence as the ashes are walked out to where it runs fastest, and the scattered and watched as they moved down towards the oceans.

It is taken to have the meaning of rejoin the Creator who gave us all these talents, so they weren't evil, and so the scattering on the water symbolise our return to him and so are free.

Components and tools

Some get elaborate urns, but often it is just a simple urn used to hold the ashes. The person designated to take it into the water is the one who carries to the water and into the water. They are often now husbands, children or close partners to the Esper.


Those who are close, knew the decease attend the walk to the water source. They either stay and talk, remember the one who has passed, or remain silent for upwards of an hour before turning and walking back.


The cremation is often carried out the night of the death. They give the urn to one designated to pick up out of those closes to the deceased.

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