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Hunter's Barrows

When one of the Hunters of Evain dies, their compatriots invoke a historic rite in an effort to preserve the memory of that Hunter's life. This rite involves the body of the fallen Hunter being buried without stone or wood to separate them from the earth. A mound of earth or stone is constructed and topped with the seeds of trees or other plants native to the area. Over time, the Hunter's body feeds the plants that grow atop the Barrow. This flora often grows with special magical properties, and the folk with knowledge of herblore seek out Barrows to take advantage of the high quality of medicinal plants that grow there.


The act of Barrow-raising was described to the first Hunters by their patron goddess, Evain. The Goddess of Hunt decreed that such a burial would be the most effective way to preserve the spirits of her chosen, so that their tenacity, skill, and devotion might carry over into the soul's next life.   Practicality now greatly affects the place of burial. Some Hunters are specially anointed in death to be buried in places of great import to Evain's Pack, such as the grounds of her Grand Temple on the island of Eressea. Hunters that have spent extended periods of time with a particular people may request their burial among their neighbors, where their friends or the descendents of their friends can benefit from the wealth of medicinal flora that grows atop their Barrow.

Components and tools

Many Hunters carry a sachet of seeds and clippings whenever they walk into danger, in hopes that their comrades will use these to seed the ground where they fall and their Barrow is erected.


Although the rite is, in theory, a secret contained to those within the Hunters, the reality is that many outside the Order are aware of it. Since Hunters often work alone, they may find themselves alone in death. Without other Hunters to undertake the Barrow-making, these lone Hunters often carry instructions on how to prepare their bodies.


Barrow-making is generally done at night, although most Hunters would tell you that such a thing is little more than a preference. Those lycanthropic Hunters who are blessed with the touch of Evain, though, often insist on burial under the moon.

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