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Funerals in the Archepelago

Funerals are diverse throughout the Mau̯humel Archipelago, from the northern tree burials, to the southern cremations and sea burials. While Lechai̯ is almost universally worshiped throughout the islands, the depiction and religion surrounding the figure differs. The funeral is no different.
The Humel-ma of the northern islands such as Lemikkâgi Island prefer their tree burials. The exact rites differ depending on the class of the deceased however, and thus, the quality of their afterlife.
The rich and noble are buried at the top of a harukou̯mu tree, as the canopy of those trees are said to be closest point to Lechai̯. At that place, as close to sky as mortal hands and wings can reach, the deceased will hopefully be able to reach the heavens that much smoother. Each noble family generally has a tree attributed to this service.
The middle and lower classes on the other hand, unable to reserve a place on a harukou̯mu for themselves, generally bury themselves with a sapling on top instead. The sapling will reach for the sun in that tree's place, providing a slower but certain afterlife.
All classes of Humel-ma share one ritual in common: before the burial, one feather is removed from the wing of the deceased and tied to their urijœnech. These are kept by family as a memorial, and passed down through the generations. Some families have over a dozen urijœnech stored, and some families count the prestige of their line by how many are kept.
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