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Kear Setarh

The Dragonlord and the Star Eyed God spoke, and they bound a pact that for all of time the sons of the Dragonlord would be granted freedom from the stars.
  Kear Setarh, or the Denial of the Stars, is the traditional ritual of death among the Dragon people of Sarirpala. The ritual is ancient, and though it has changed in subtle ways over time, largely has remained intact. It was laid down for Dragonkind by the Nameless First Dragon before he slumbered, and they hold it as one of their most sacred ceremonies.   The death of a Dragon is a moment of importance, and the Kear Setarh may go centuries without being practiced. Even the least dragon is held in great respect upon their death, for to lose any of their number is rare.   Though dragons do not die permanently, and reincarnate - faster than any other species - Dragonkind traditionally holds each reincarnation to be a different person. The ritual reenacts the Nameless First Dragon's binding of dragon souls to the world, allowing them to reincarnate without leaving for the starry realm of the reincarnation god Ramio.


The Setarh is observed upon the death of a dragon. The ritual must be conducted quickly, for a dragon's body will quickly begin to disparate upon death - disappearing entirely within days. The body of the deceased is placed upon an altar in the throne room of the Dragon King, and for that day sessions of court are not held. Every dragon in Sarirpala is expected to bring Moon Flowers and place them upon the body, and when the body is entirely covered in flowers, the beloved of the deceased - family, friends and lovers - are left with the body and the throne room is closed.   The beloved may make their final goodbyes during the night, and the closest male relatives of the deceased will usually take up vigil at the corners of the altar. A spell is cast to accelerate disparation. At dawn, the beloved leave, and in evening the Dragon King will emerge from the throne room cradling the new form of the deceased, their reincarnation into an egg. This egg is given to a new family to raise, and the Moon Flowers are gathered and buried, signifying the return of the deceased body to the earth
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