The Dragon City

Sarirpala is the ancient Dragon city, the very first city on the world, built in the very earliest days. In the heart of the mount upon which it perches slumbers the Nameless First Dragon, father and creator of dragonkind. Entrance to the sacred city is restricted to mortals, and so few have ever seen beyond its facade.   The Dragon City is undoubtedly the oldest settlement and building in the world, created even before Frugi smote the children of Drewel. It is positioned far from human civilisation in the heart of Vildarik in the cold north of Macalgra, and only the bravest visitors make the trek across the plains of ice to the dragon mountain. Despite this, the dragons reward those who make it to Sarirpala with interesting stories or exotic items to share, paying them in gold and gems pulled from deep in the earth.


Sarirpala is ruled by the Dragon Court, headed by the Dragon King himself; all dragonkind is subjected to the Dragon Court, but especially those who dwell in Sarirpala.


Sarirpala is a single great edifice, carved from the grey stone of the mountain. Upon approach to the city, visitors witness the lapis lazuli encrusted Blue Gate, and beyond it the city itself. A many storied fortress, with no windows or visible doors. The only entrances to the city are from the air.   Sarirpala descend deep into the mountain, beyond what is visible. A convuluted warren of caves, tunnels, halls, nests, treasure chambers and shrines to their god.
The cold had sunk deep into my bones by the time the Blue Gates appeared out of the mist. The shape of the gates ahead was only vague; memory supplied the details I couldn’t see. An archway of stone carved through the mountain side, immense iron portcullis guarding the entrance. The open gates would’ve glittered in a shower of colours if the mist didn’t diffuse the light.

The road to Saripala rises steeply on the final ascent towards the city, before it swings through the great carved arch that splits through the mountainside, and when our party emerged from beneath the shadow of the arch, the Dragon City itself rose up before our eyes.

The mists and the ice storm swirled around Sarirpala's shape, giving it a halo that glowed in the last light of afternoon. To the eye unaccustomed to gazing upon the visage that greets travellers, you’d be forgiven for thinking it a mirage. Sarirpala is a single structure of immense size, carved from a sheer cliff; each level of it tiered above the one before, like an wedding cake that has began to lean to the side. The incredible vista of steel grey stone and the towers with their heads vanishing into cloud puts the beauty of any palace to shame.
Large city
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