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Member since: 29 Oct, 2017


I'm an Australian gay nerd who loves fiction, sometimes a little too much. I love to worldbuild, write and I'm learning to draw. I occupy my time with binge watching new shows, following fandoms, games and writing.

Interests & Hobbies

Strategy games, reading, vintage and antiques, fashion, tea.

Favourite Movies

Princess Mononoke; Independence Day; A Warrior's Tail.

Favourite TV Series

Lost Girl; Steven Universe; My Little Pony; Star vs the Forces of Evil; Stargate Atlantis; Supernatural; Dirk Gently.

Favourite Books

Soulless; Still River; The Sumage Solution.

Favourite Writers

Gail Garriger; Hal Clement; Jack McDevitt; David Weber.

Favourite Games

Skyrim; Stellaris; Subnautica; Minecraft; Paladins; Crusader Kings II.

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