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Member since: 29 Oct, 2017

I'm an Australian gay nerd who loves fiction, sometimes a little too much. I love to worldbuild, write and I'm learning to draw. I occupy my time with binge watching new shows, following fandoms, games and writing.

Interests & Hobbies

Strategy games, reading, vintage and antiques, fashion, tea.

Favourite Movies

Princess Mononoke; Independence Day; A Warrior's Tail.

Favourite TV Series

Lost Girl; Steven Universe; My Little Pony; Star vs the Forces of Evil; Stargate Atlantis; Supernatural; Dirk Gently.

Favourite Books

Soulless; Still River; The Sumage Solution.

Favourite Writers

Gail Garriger; Hal Clement; Jack McDevitt; David Weber.

Favourite Games

Skyrim; Stellaris; Subnautica; Minecraft; Paladins; Crusader Kings II.


What if the Romans had magic? is not exactly an original question, but it is the one that began this adventure. Macalgra is a world of ancient technology and fantastical magitech, watched over by a host of Lovecraftian deities and inhabited by humani...

Ancient Exploration Fantasy Fantasy, High Magic Medieval


The lights never go off and the liquor is always flowing in Cienne. Decadence and glitter surround everything in the northern metropolis, the party going even as ice freezes the streets between glass and stone clad towers. Those lucky enough to be bo...

Clockpunk Dieselpunk Exploration Fantasy Fantasy, Dark


Adult 18+


Once, the island of Ker-Is hosted the prosperous city of Eess, built by legendary King Gralon. For a hundred years the people of Eess grew wealthy on trade that flowed from each of the two great empires across the strait in which Eess sat. To the nor...


There’s witches in the woods, a dragon in the castle and a fae king on a throne of petunias. Welcome to the Kingdom of Rubywood. It is a small place, where a small river trickles through a valley nestled in the depths of the Silver Hills of the f...

Comedy Fairy tale Fantasy Fantasy, High Magic Fantasy, Urban

Elver Della

[center][h1]A Record of the Elder Days of Elver Della[/h1] [h2]compiled by the Arcanium Sympoi in the year 9850[/h2][/center][br] [justify][quote]“We fight a war as old as time. The war against the dark, though not just the shadows of the night, bu...

Ancient Exploration Fairy tale Fantasy Fantasy, Dark

Land of Guides

The Land of Guides is a compilation of some worldbuilding guides I have put together, which may help you in your journey of making a world.

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