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Return to the Earth

The traditional way dwarves honor their dead and put them to rest.


It originally was created just as a pragmatic way of disposing of the dead and preventing disease from spreading. It has evolved to include more and more stuff to the ritual such as decorations to the sarcophagus and the release of the skull's dust.


Process: The deceased head is removed Skull is cleaned and smashed to dust A stone air tight sarcophagus is created with a lid that can be lowered into the container decorations are added Headless body is placed in the sarcophagus Sarcophagus is sealed and a vacuum made inside causing the lid to collapse in and crush the body Dirt is added into the now open box like shape and mushrooms or other plants are planted to feed on the crushed remains Bone dust from the skull is tossed into the wind from the highest point possible After the funeral all people present raise a toast and tell stories of how the deceased most effected them going in order of closeness.   If a dwarf dies away from home and can't be transported they are buried in the ground with several plants planted above them commonly flowers because of the lack of specialized tools.

Components and tools

Large plunger (a tube that create the vacuum) Stone Dirt Plant seeds/spores Hammer and/or mortar and pestle various knives and saws


Generally dwarven funerals are small affairs with only close family and friends being invited and each will plant a seed or spore in the dirt and water it. The deceased's closest friend or family often the spouse or best friend will be the one to release the bone dust.


happens as soon as possible after the death often being only a few days after and sometimes same day depends on how sudden the death was.

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