Embrace of Dau-Sajhrashi

The Perduro Funeral Rites

Written by Barron


The Embrace of Dau-Sajhrashi is a funeral rite native to the planet of Perduro. With such a focus on mining and geology, many find the best way to say goodbye is to allow the deceased to return to the mountain which has given them so much. Rather than incineration or burial, the dead are lowered into the caldera of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi.

The Funeral

Building the Casket

The first step of a Embrace funeral is to construct the casket that will be lowered into the lava. The material and lavishness of this casket is a symbol of the wealth and appreciation for the individual. Many of the most prominent gunkoons were laid to rest in Platinum or Rhodium trimmed caskets. The family of the deceased is often responsible for commissioning the right vessel.

The Final Ascent

Known as the 'Mountain Procession,' the Final Ascent is a trek up the face of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi with the deceased in tow. Typically hauled up by a rented mining vessel, the deceased's family and friends trek up the mountain with the body. This trek can always be seen from Digger's Rock, making the venture symbolic of saying goodbye.

The Return Ceremony

The Return Ceremony is the final step of the funeral. When the Final Ascent reaches the Caldera of the volcano, the procession stops and gives their last farewells. The Perduro Anthem is sung, and the dead is lowered into the volcano via a pair of winches. The procession continues until the casket enters the lava, thus completing the ceremony.


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