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Digger's Rock

Written by Barron


Digger's Rock serves as the founding city and capital of Perduro and the largest trade hub in The Free Planet Federation. It basks in the morning shadow of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi and casts amber light like a beacon in the evening.


Yeah, I named a city after myself. Takes a person what... a couple years to buy a home? I've been alive for millennia, I deserve a fuckin' city. Lucky I didn't name the whole planet 'Digger's Rock.'


Digger's Rock served as the landing point and basecamp for Artosen Khandea II (Digger)'s first expedition. Using local equipment, Digger and his crew built what is known as 'Old Town.' With a home established Digger stood upon the tallest rock and declared this site to be "Diggers Rock". While many questioned his sobriety during the christening, Digger rebutted that his crew should be appreciative of being part of such a momentous occasion.

This is Digger's Rock, not your fuckin' rock. You should be basking in the fact that you get to witness me name it! Fuck you, Barnaby! What you want to call it Digger and Barnaby's Rock? Stupid fuckin' name for a stupid fuckin' person.
— The Uncensored Log of the First Expedition of Perduro

After the conclusion of the expedition, Digger sent word to The Jupiter Syndicate. The Syndicate with promise of wealth and beauty, sent its colonists through the WayHall within the month. A space elevator was erected to ease the delivery of raw material goods into Jupiter Syndicate Freighters. In the matter of months, Digger's Rock became a booming trade metropolis. The population ballooned from a thousand Sophonts to a million within the short span of a few years.

Melancholic Lacuna

The Melancholic Lacuna cut the entire system from the rest of the universe, leaving a million people stranded. Originally there was panic, but as reality set in, Digger established Perduro as its own government with Digger's Rock serving as its capital. While he did not lead in the public's eye, it was under his watchful eye that Digger's Rock became self-sufficient for the centuries that they were separated from the Core Worlds. Digger's Rock continued its growth unabated, swelling from one million populace to 35 million.

Reclamation Era

When a group of Syndicate Envoys reopened the WayHall to Perduro trade renewed, except this time Digger's Rock remained independent from the Syndicate. People still flocked to the bustling city, not as colonists, but as migrants.

Digger's Rock became large enough to attract the attention of The Free Planet Federation who approached Digger himself to offer full protection and partnership with the FPF. The offical documents that establish Digger's Rock and Perduro as being under the FPF were signed in Artosen Khandea II (Digger)'s personal barroom. Digger's Rock still serves as a backbone in The Free Planet Federation's economy.

They told us the history lesson of Digger's Rock, with its majestic Mount Dau-Sajhrashi. They made it sound like an oasis. They told us of the founder Digger, the hot-headed Aen founder. I expected to see a giant statue of him when I landed. I didn't expect him to be standing there in the flesh though. I knew the planet was well off then.
— Jupiter Syndicate WayHall team


The Economy of Digger's Rock started as an industrial powerhouse, exporting rare earth elements and gems from its sprawling deposits. Once word spread of the beauty of Digger's Rock and its Mount Dau-Sajhrashi, the tourism industry boomed. Digger's Rock became a strange mix of roughneck and rich, affluent and absurd.

With Digger Company establishing its headquarters here since the days of the first expansion, the mining industry became the blood line of the city. Piloted drone-mining and refinery specalists became the primary career path of the planet. Rare minerals such as Rhodium, Uranium, and Platinum flowed through the city like water from a freshly tapped well. Many Industries began setting up shop in Digger's Rock, seeking to be as close to the source as they could.

Thanks to sustainable mining practices, the world above and below kept much of its beauty. Soon more than just Ingots and Machinery were shipping through the space elevator. Videos and Advertisements from tourism agencies brought Tourists by the liner-load. One of the most ifluental videos that kick started tourism came from a local Aethernet stream under the name Sarko's Party Pals. The video showed off the dangerous sport of Ash-Boarding, where several people were mutiliated riding down the obsidian slopes wearing nothing but a rubber horse-head and bright pink short shorts. The video went viral across the entire universe, sparking even more interest in the now booming planet.


Sophont Diversity

Human 28%
Sazashi 40%
Verin 30%
Other 2%

Primary Languages

Ubiq 65%
Saza 15%
Aeai 7%
Earthen 10%
Other 4%
Location under
Owning Organization


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Jul 4, 2018 20:56 by SirElghinn

"Yeah I named a city after myself...." lol. Hats off to that guy. Amazing article, clean lines and formatting and of course excellent CSS styling. And Ash-boarding, sounds like it could be taken from a Jackass episode...I love it! Well done!

Jul 4, 2018 21:00 by Barron

I love Summer Camp, I get to explore this madmans adventures.   Glad you liked it! Yeah I'm debating either doing Ash-boarding for my sport, or a sport where people are shot up into space and have to turn asteroids into drag racers

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I really like it, again, as we talked on discord! I love more and more Digger's character as I read about him. Next time I'll read his character page!

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Thank you sir!

Psstt... Hey you... Wanna read some of that Ethnisy Summer Camp goodness? Hit up my worldbuilding in the Ethnis Universe!
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Digger may just be the bester character ever. Stop. You win. Poor Barnaby. I hope to see more of his character fleshed out eventually too.   Very good design of your statistics, though I'd like tonknow more about the layout and design of the city, both when founded and now.

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That's a very good point, I'll have to expand on how it was built when I get the time

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The Starred articles are my favorites!
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