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Perdurian Wayhall Port

Most major economic systems have a station that holds orbit outside of their wayhall. Perudo is no exception, however instead of the typical synthetic machinations, Perduro created their station from the hollowed out husk of a massive asteroid.

A Hub of Mecha

The Perdurian Wayhall Port serves not only as the basis for all Perdurian Customs and Immigration, but is in itself a massive trade market, and a tourist locale. The station houses some of the finest smithies and engineers, most of them Monoliths. This amount of expertise invites some of the most wealthy or well-connected individuals seeking to get the best equipment.   The station also holds the record for the largest Asteroid Yacht in known history. With a primarily platinum metal group consistency, the asteroid shimmers in the light of Perduro's suns making it a bewildering sight to take in for tourists.

Nothin's better than coming back home from a big ol' trip of bullshit politics and seeing that metallic beauty of a station dressed up in lights and brimming with traffic.   Like universe's biggest "Welcome Home" sign.
Alternative Name(s)
Digger's Welcome Mat
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Apr 7, 2019 17:33 by Matthieu A.

I like it! Definitely gives me a better idea of what WayPoint stations look like and as always I love the Digger touch. x)

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