Asteroid Yacht

A little slice of paradise among the stars

Written by Ademal

Asteroid Yachts are a subclass Asteroid-Class Wayship owned by the more wealthy and extravagant people of Ethnis. They are palatial estates (and to a lesser extent, fortresses, thanks to how well armed) with a full staff ranging from 30 to 3000, or more, depending on the size of the Yacht.   Yachts are typically the trophies of merchants, quasi-lords, megacelebrities, and CEOs.  


Due to the odd shape of asteroids most yachts undergo extensive testing to make sure that the installed engines and thrusters all coordinate in a way that makes for standardized nav calculations.
The minimum complement of staff is a crew of 30 drones controlled by an onboard AI. They tend to the various systems and infrastructure of the yacht. All drones are Ascendant Safe, and thought activated.
All ships come complete with sewer, energy, life support, heating, cooling, and a full plumbing and sewage system.
Yachts aren't meant to feel like they're indoors, they're meant to feel like a slice of a world floating in space. As such, all yachts come with rich soil ready for planting and 'outdoors' areas and landscapes ready for personalization and relaxation.

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Owning Organization

Made to Order

Few yachts are pre-fabricated to any notable degree, aside from perhaps having some initial systems such as halls, plumbing, and life support added. Instead, most yachts are made to order, and are given a tour of Perduro's asteroid belt to pick out their own asteroid. They're then given a full array of options to add: servants quarters, kitchen, bars, training rooms, holodecks, gardens, animal pens, and so forth.   Some special orders will request tracts of land be converted from planets rather than asteroids. For an additional fee Digger Co. will fulfill that request.  
Had a man come through what grew up on a small hilly estate on Jhoutai. He wanted to take that little slice of paradise with him wherever he went. Let me tell you, the paper work and logistics on that were a nightmare but, damn, it's a beautiful ship.


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11 Jul, 2018 04:57

. . . Digger. How'd I know?   I'd like more info on at least one notable Yacht that is talked about fornits grandeur or complexity. Maybe one is actually two astroids linked together?

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11 Jul, 2018 04:59

Just wait till the short story is written where Quigley and Digger have to team up to take down the entire Hedon empire   The idea of strapping together multiple rocks is a nifty idea, I'm sure its possibe!

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11 Jul, 2018 05:00

Now I want to write about a yacht party where there's some hundred tethered together and party goers are jumping from each to each.

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11 Jul, 2018 05:04

Reminds me of Minecraft Skyblocks (if you could fly them around through space like a badass)

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11 Jul, 2018 05:04

I don't know if I've read an article that made me want to get to know someone else's world quite so much as this one. It makes sense, and it's self-contained, while hinting at something much larger. Really nice.

11 Jul, 2018 07:41

Yessss! Asteroid yachts with a synthisaurus rex!

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