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Classification of Vessels

The naming and terminology of spacecraft within Ethnis

Written by Ademal


Wing Types

Fixed Wing
Aircraft which use elongated fins and wings to glide through the air in a controlled manner.
Rotary Wing
Aircraft powered by rotating blades, such as helicopters
Aircraft which uses prehensile wings and fins as both propellant and glide.



A Wayship which remains actively mobile, moving from place to place rather than having a single port, such as a warship. Astrodynes are more vehicular in usage.
A Wayship which remains relatively in-place, such as in orbit or attached to a geological feature such as an asteroid. Astrostats are more inhabitatory in usage.

Banner Intersections

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Tends towards naval naming schema.
Names which reference space as an auric plane beyond the sky. "The Way" is their name for space because they see it as the path through which the celestial bodies and the power of the Meta and The Wheel pass. Many vessel names reference differing species or aspects of the aeolamen, an avian species they co-evolved with.
Tends towards naval naming schema.

Wayships: vessels which navigate the Way and its Halls.

Shaped by the Pre-Expansion War of Terms mixed the human romanticization of space as an ocean with the Verin concepts of romanticization of space as an auric plane beyond the sky, and as the source of the power of the Sovereign. This concept, ran over the Ubiq tongue, resulted in Wayships.

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Author's Notes

Credit to BB13 for mentioning 'Wayships' when we were discussing alternative terms for spacecraft while discussion on the server, which DreamMaker related to the WayHall and got me thinking on.

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