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SummerCamp 2023 Pledge

As the Summer reaches its solstice and the heat makes a nest in the central valley, Barron and Ademal trim back the vinyard, tend to the veggies, and clean up the Codex categories. Long days and icy lemonade are the perfect backdrop against which to worldbuild, and the duo are eager to use the opportunity to advance their current objectives.

Reading List

The outcome of Summercamp! At time of edit, all articles with a are worth reading!

OrganizationA powerful organisationGishani Marshall's Office Survivalist's Guild
SettlementA seat of power of any kindTyrn-ChaKainga
MaterialA resource that provide fuel or power Meta CaskSolar Tree Sap
SpeciesAn animal associated or symbolising powerValipsyrid RamscorpionWaimana Keepers
EthnicityA culture that has suffered under the rules of a stronger nationIdPari SkydiversKaingans
ConflictA conflict between 2 unequal powers in your worldRamscorpion InsurgencyThe Cutting of Ark
TitleTitle and responsibilities of an important person in your World Pure of HeartChiefdom of Kainga
LawA destructive natural/supernatural event Recurring NightmareRed Mists
Species A species known for its mischievious personality Kleppers Lizards Headbutt Goats
Tradition A popular summer tradition that involves art and creativityWeavers Season Solstice Tournament
LocationAn unclaimed, unregulated, or lawless region in your setting. Strashya Atoll Beyond the Valley
SettlementA Settlement at the Limits of the "Known" or "Civilized" World Dir'rh Nejethon Faur'ricai, Seat of the Survivalists
ProfessionA job that takes its practitioners to remote or faraway places Mason Pact Survivalist
SpeciesAn animal found in a non-populated area.Stinging FlatwormsHallcrawlers
SpeciesA useful plant found in a wild area of your world Geyser Tubeworms Wrathful Mane
MaterialA material or resource that comes from a dangerous locationStrasyan Nitre Corralum Filtrate
PersonA character driven by wanderlust of the desire to exploreXetto the PugnaciousRelana
RitualA cuisine from a sparse, barren or remote region in your world. Xetto's Gumbo Fungal Cakes with Mole-fries
Building An iconic building or landmark representing a location Strashya DamThe Kaingan Arch
Document A letter sent in secret by a well-known person in your worldXetto's Broadcast Marshall Lino're's Vigilante Marque
TraditionDescribe a tradition or behaviour considered old-fashioned. Rituals of Consecration Mana Meditations
ItemAn item of great cultural significance to a people. Mariners' Coin Sonoliaro's Wand
Settlement An ancient city that is still inhabited today.Arcology K'khelaKhen
PersonA historical who is still venerated today, and whyMazzu Tr'ruoha-Oulsfiazzo Jeong Yamamoto
ProfessionA profession that has been rendered obsoleteValipsyrid ExterminatorGravTrain Engineers
TraditionA children's tale or song based on a real eventSky's Dive The Little Keeper
SpeciesA species now considered extinctNictipagua Brownbell Cows
EthnicityA historical culture whose influence is still felt todayVadakendanic VerrasiPolynesian Irehearts
RitualA ceremony that represents a transition or transferYak'kolishi Funerary ProcessionThe Engraving Ceremony
LawA rare natural phenomenon that most people look forward toIndex ManifestationRangi Marama
VehicleA method used to carry goods over long distances Gondola 5Jackhammer Platforms
TechnologyA system to send messages between distant places Comm Chain Intrasystem Booster Array
LanguageA Form of Silent Communication Abi Handspeak Snowflare
OrganizationAn organization for which recruiting or proselytizing is importantOrder of the Lotus Alms St Hedon Chapter
SpeciesA species with an unusual form of communication Kappa Dragon Brillant-Back Dasher
PersonA Character who excels in manipulating othersArmun the MiserMarshall Linor're
DocumentAn important public address from one person to many Mark of ExileThe Northern Pact
BuildingA landmark associated with communication Nejek'ken Governor's MansionThe Waimana Array Center
PersonA character who prefers to lurk in the shadoes Ravyzza the ViciousRufus
ConditionA "negative" condition that has hidden advantages Therianthropic Psychosis Mintworm Infection
OrganizationAn org dedicated to keeping a secret from the public The Heartbeat Society Sisters of Regret
ConditionA myth or truth about the creation of the universe The Truth of the Sovereigns Surrender to Murder
Ademal Summercamp 2023 Cert by World Anvil
Barron Summercamp 2023 Cert by World Anvil

The Four Themes


Power within Ethnis is centralized within the Banners, and favors the Monolithic, the Psiolic, and the incredibly wealthy.

The Powers

  • Bannerheads: The names known all across the firmament—The Somnolent, the Pact Council the Directoriate. Through a combination of nomination and force they've risen to the top of the Ethnis great power structures, and sit upon them as commanders and guides.
  • Monoliths: The living gods. Though they may rise from any class, the phenomenon favors those whose life affords them time to meditate upon their skills. They are the springs from which magic flows, and the State always wants a say in how their power is used.
  • Psiolic: The power of the Psiolic rarely spreads beyond the sphere of the domestic until they transcend into becoming a Monolith, but that aspiration encourages them to question the status quo only to improve circumstances for Monoliths, rather than for their communities.

The frontiers are the Outer Worlds — those worlds which have been lost and the worlds far beyond which have yet to be found.

The Frontiers

  • Reclamation: The Lacuna closed the WayHall and shattered the vast domains of the Banners into a thousand points of light, slowly burning out. Now, the Reclamation has come. It is time to get out there and find them, perhaps even before their original owners do...
  • Discovery: There are new machines yet to be invented and new sciences yet to be expressed. Everywhere you look, you can find something to be done and someone asking you to do it. To what will you devote yourself? How will your findings change you.
  • Inwards: In all the strenge ways in which the material realm intersects the metaphysical, there's enough yet to learn to fill a million library ships Some say that there are other realms to discover—windows and doors into worlds hitherto unseen.

Although the Lacuna was not enough to send the Hub worlds back to the stone age, the amount of progress lost to it has been a wound to all worlds. This history is fervently sought.

Sought Relics

  • Affinities are objects with supernatural capabilities and a will of their own. The longer they exist, the more powerful and willful they become. Some are smart enough to be considered Sophontic. Some are far smarter than that.
  • Lost Knowledge Medicine, science, tech, magic. What once was known may still be written down and waiting to be discovered again, and yesterday's machines can be modernized by the distinguished engineer.
  • Indices are the keys to the Wayhall. It is unclear at present what causes an Index to appear to somone, but it is a reliable inevitability on any world with unopened Waypoints.

Communication within Ethnis a complex hive of networks and technologies workin in tandem to facilitate private and public channels of communication.

Important Communications

  • Aethernet: While Ethnis enjoys the benefit of ansibel technology for instantaneous communication, it has its weaknesses in a reliance on magic and infrastructural requirements—nobody is carrying it on a small WayShip just barely scraping within the bounds of its weight class.
  • Radio: Satellites and towers are reliable, and from the backbone of communications along the Outer Worlds. They often center around Aethernet connections as a means to transmit important data from one network to another.
  • CommLink: The platforms work both as client-server and peer-to-peer, allowing connection with networks and devices alike. They are a necessary tool for anyone, and take a variety of shapes and utilities.


Hello campers! I have emerged from my cave to join you for summercamp! I'm going to do every single prompt and I'm going to do my best to make them related to one of the six articles below. We'll see ow well I do, considering how my brain can get when it's time to focus!

Like school taught me, I'm better at tests than I am at homework, so a lot of my worldbuilding is likely to happen during the streams!





Summercamp's back, baby! It's a great time for me to remind myself that just getting out articles is fun in it's own right. Usually my practice is to get the articles done, and then go back and revisit my favorites. I'm stoked for streaming again!

— Barron

Guide to Jhoutai

Explore an alien world through it's natural splendor, unique habitats, and its innumerable dangers. This Zine is the product of a bold and brave Ireheart by the name of Isaac "Fuzzy-lips" Lombard, who spent years traveling through Jhoutai with a camera, a powerfist, and a unwavering goal to show the world his findings.

He will take you into the depths of the Corralum, through the unending glaciers of the north, into the choking super jungle that is the Nege, and more!

My Zine in progress will be a huge part of my Summer Camp. Two birds, one stone!

Writing out some articles about expeditions into the wilds, survivalists tales, will be fun for summer camp if the prompts are good for it!

There's no shortage of species articles, so this one will be easy. I also think I can fit in some Myths, Materials, and all that good stuff with some creative prompt bending!

Many of the creatures in Ethnis will have a story to tell beyond their mere appearance or methods of murder. Many will have tie ins with the populace, be it hostile or symbiotic.

Isaac Lombard

Summercamp will be a great time to flesh out Isaac Lombard, who is the 'protaginist' of the Jhoutai Zine. History, family, organizations he may be apart of. A lot of lore to explore in a new persons story so I'm excited to dive in!

Gruesome Endings, New Beginnings

Gruesome Endings, New Beginnings is my First Novella set within the Ethnis Universe! It's already drafted but I would love to be able to document more about the characters and their world. I already did quite a few of them during World Ember.

One things for sure there, there's always more to write! So if any prompts fit, it'll be written!

All Articles Completed:

Abi Handspeak
Language | Jul 26, 2023

A widespread signing language with hilariously vulgar miscommunications

Comm Chain
Technology / Science | Jul 29, 2023

Comm Chains are networks of devices chained together with information being sent both ways.

Gishani Marshall's Office
Organization | Jul 11, 2023
Gondola 5
Vehicle | Jul 28, 2023

Gondola 5 is the sole remaining functional gondola on the six car line connecting Dir'rh Aubhai to Dir'rh Nejethon. The line is unpowered.

Idpari Skydivers
Ethnicity | Jul 2, 2023
Index Manifestation
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 16, 2023
Kappa Dragon
Species | Jul 28, 2023
Mariners' Coin
Item | Jul 16, 2023
Mark of Exile
Document | Dec 26, 2023

The Mark of Exile is a sacrament of the Chivalric Codex by which the ValuSelu Pact is bound. It marks a dishonored object, land, or person.

Profession | Jul 9, 2023
Mazzu Tr'ruoha-Oulsfiazzo
Character | Jul 16, 2023
Meta Cask
Material | Jul 15, 2023

Physical batteries for storing metaphysical energy.

Meta Cask - Deprecated
Item | Jul 2, 2023
Nejek'ken Governor's Mansion
Building / Landmark | Jul 29, 2023

The Governor's Mansion is the base of operations for Jhoutigari action in the area. It is overseen by Armun the Miser.

Pure of Heart
Rank/Title | Dec 2, 2023

What does a Robot yearn for? More than you think.

Ravyzza the Vicious
Character | Jul 29, 2023

An Exterminator who matured under Xetto's tutlage and Strashya's unforgiving wilderness.

Rituals of Consecration
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 19, 2023
Stinging Flatworms
Species | Jul 28, 2023
Strashya Dam
Building / Landmark | Jul 28, 2023

The Strasyan Dam Seawall is a series of constructed locks and dams designed to keep water flowing outward from the lagoon rather than into it.

Strashyan Geyser Coral Column
Geographic Location | Jul 28, 2023
The Heartbeat Society
Organization | Jul 30, 2023
The Recurring Nightmare
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 11, 2023

The enigmatic collective nightmare which suggests that the end of Yak'koli's days are in sight.

The Truth of the Sovereigns
Myth | Jul 30, 2023
Therianthropic Psychosis
Condition | Dec 2, 2023

Losing your mind to the beasts within.

Settlement | Jul 2, 2023
Vadakendanic Verrasi
Ethnicity | Jul 16, 2023
Valipsyrid Ramscorpion
Species | Jul 11, 2023
Xetto's Broadcast
Document | Jul 28, 2023
Yak'kolishi Funerary Procession
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 16, 2023


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