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The Federation of Free Planets


Every story needs an underdog, and the Free Planet Federation provides underdogs by the planet.



The Federation of Free Planets lends its entire purpose to its name. They are a banner of free planets, coming together to fend off the tyranny of the other Banners. They hold their freedom as the highest value and pride themselves on maintaining strong bonds while letting each planet make decisions for itself. They are the youngest of the banners, having only centuries where all others have millennia. This youth often works in their favor. Many planets seek to join the cause, freedom being a tantalizing concept for many worlds long under control by banners. More importantly, their youth leads to many banners underestimating their abilities.

They hold strength in their small size, mobility, and dedication. They also draw strength from a unique variation of species, such as the Undaunted and the Manne-Kyn, whose abilities add an unpredictable element to the leadership of the Federation of Free Planets.

Core Philosophy


At the core of the Federation of Free Planets, is the freedom that they hold dear. Every planet has its own circumstances, every planet knows best how to govern itself. The Federation embraces this and leaves all planets to deal with their internal situations as they see fit. Whether it be religion, culture, individualism, or collectivism, every planet and every person has the right to their freedom.


An individual planet no matter how free, will quickly find itself engulfed by a Banner wishing to exert its rule. Only when a free planets and their people join together to support each other can freedom truly exist. This this extent, the Federation and its people do their best to be accepting of their neighbors and bond over what differences they have rather than let those differences tear them asunder. Unity through freedom to the Federation is the only way to hold firm against the other Banners.



The Federation of Free Planets began as an alliance of necessity. A deal of protection between a group of peoples constantly under the threat of assimilation or annihilation by the much larger Banners. Planets that lay in unclaimed space learned quickly that they had to band together or be snuffed out. Enter Perduro and the united front of Manne-Kyn and Undaunted; three planets who share close WayHalls. All three factions have had their brushes with the Banners. Perduro faced subversions and shows of force from both The Church of The Somnolent and The Verin Haimarchy. The Manne-Kyn were under threat of being assimilated by the Haimarchy, and the Undaunted were under the same threat by the Somnancy. The Manne-kyn and Undaunted lacked resources, while Perduro lacked populace. They all saw the benefit of banding together, but even with the unification of these three planets, their forces paled in comparison to the established Banners.
  The Archive had the solution for this problem. This organization held millions of unique and powerful items in their libraries. Having just left the Syndicate because of Directoriate calls to Commandeer the Archive’s Equipment; they needed a Banner that would let them operate without interfering. They could, in turn, provide their oath of protection, established security, and millennia of experience to raise this group of planets from an alliance to a full-fledged Banner.   The formation of a Banner was a win-win for all parties. The Perdurians, Manne-kyn, and Undaunted could levy the superior forces and minds of the Archive to help ensure their independence, while the Archive could operate freely without another Banner's interference. So it was decided, the four parties involved came together at Digger's Rock to draft the government of the new Banner dubbed the Federation of Free Planets.  


Word of this new Banner spread like wildfire amongst the existing Banners . Never before had something like this happened, despite several attempts at independence that each Banner had struggled with. To actually have the resources to become a player at the universal level was unheard of. Most leaders scoffed at this idea or paid it little mind, open to the idea of this fledgling faction as a new avenue of neutrality and trade.   Only two banners really took the matter to heart. The Jupiter Syndicate declared sanctions against the Banner, declaring it a economic threat. They felt themselves the rightful owner of Perduro, as Digger Co. was originally a Syndicate founder. The Verin Haimarchy denounced the Federation, declaring the combination of the Archive with the forces of Perduro, Manne-kyn, and Undaunted a threat. Yet despite the talk, no military actions were taken in the open. The Federation had made sure to jumpstart their trade and make themselves quick partners to many of the other Banners. Attacking the Federation might kick off a Banner War, and not even the Haimarchy wanted to risk that.


Another crucial step in the Federations founding was a targeted campaign to nearby worlds. Manne-kyn emissaries spread the word of what the Federation could offer to planets long since shunned or neglected by their Banners. This ploy worked wonders, planets seceded from their Banners by the dozens.   The Federation grew from four planets to fifty in the course of five years. The government they established strained at the influx of population and government leaders. The hardy will of the people at the helm of the Banner persevered, making sure every planet to join had a timetable to be entirely established in the Federation. The Federation allowed each planet to have a seat at the Planetary Senate and provided assistance to get new members set up with basic supplies and rights. While an expensive process, the influx of power and money led to many planets becoming self-sufficient and profitable. New goods and new trades came under the Federations control, which meant healthier trade and more secure numbers. The trail of successful secession led to even more planets joining the Federation, a trend which continues to this day.


Government? If I needed government I wouldn't have kicked around in the ass end of nowhere for a couple millennia now would I? That's why I love the Federation, they let me run my business, they run theirs.

Interplanetary Politics

The Federation's central government is a limited affair, a mix between a true federation and a well-regulated confederation. The Banner-wide government is responsible for the centralized economy, military coordination, and infrastructure maintenance. They also have the task of establishing and enforcing the basis of rights of their population, and acting as mediators should member planets have disputes.

Planetary Senate

The primary governing body of the Federation is the Planetary Senate. The leader of the Senate is known as the Senate Speaker and is treated as the defacto face of the Banner. One Senate seat is guaranteed to each planet who joins the Federation of Free Planets, while additional seats can be earned by taking on financial or military burdens within the Banner. For example, the powerful planet of Perduro holds six seats in the Senate. One base seat, with five seats for substantial financial, military, and trade contributions to the Federation.
Notable Members Chairs Held
Perduro Six
Undaunted World Four
Manne-Kyn World Six
The Archive Station Four

Planetary Government

Federation planets are guaranteed the right to self-govern as they see fit, whether it be a monarchy, tribes, democracy, or anywhere in between. The stipulation of this given right is that they at least enforce the core laws of the Federation.
  • A planet must adhere to the basis of rights for their people
  • A planet must provide transparency to the outside world.
  • A planet must give a small percentage of its GDP to Banner responsibilities
The variance of ideals within the Federation can lead to internal strife. Often times these conflicts spring up in a rivalry, competition, or with direct complaints to the Planetary Senate. Thanks in part to the Federation's laissez-faire approach and the common culture of freedom, there are few times in which planets who join the Federation enter physical conflicts with each other. In the most extreme cases, the Federation can step in as a mediator and apply sanctions to planets which have been shown to break any of the above responsibilities.  


Civil Rights

Right to Life

Physical Harm
Universal. Protection is universally required in order for a planet to join the Federation
Psychological Harm
Universal. Protection is universally required in order for a planet to join the Federation.
Auric Harm
Provisional. Dispelling of a soul is universally barred, but weakening of a soul is a planet-level issue

Right to Property

Search and Seizure
Provisional. A warrant is required by Federation standard.
Land Ownership
Provisional. Planet-level issue. No default limits on what you can own.
Right to Assets
Provisional. Planet-level issue. No default limits on what you can own.

Right to Identity

Right to Body
Provisional. Federation guarantees rights to modify a body. Planets can limit dangerous modifications.
Right to Speech
Universal. Federation guarantees the right to anonymity and to speak out against higher powers.
Right to Career
Provisional. Planet-Level Issue, but the Federation guarantees the right to leave a career for a different planet.

Right to Death

Right to Mortality
Universal. Federation guarantees the right to die from natural causes.
Right to Suicide
Provisional. Planet-level issue.
Right to Afterlife
Universal. Federation protects souls being prevented from moving onto the afterlife.

Law Enforcement

Bounty Board and APBs

Law Enforcement in the Federation is first a planet-level issue, escalating to the Federation only in certain criminal cases. Petty crimes, misdemeanors, or planet-specific laws being broken fall on a planet to enforce. Each planet is allowed to post wanted individuals to a Banner-wide bounty board. The more lucrative of a bounty on a person, the more likely they will be caught and returned to the original planet for their punishment. In the more heinous cases, the Federation might send their own bounty out for the arrest of individuals. These bounties are often more lucrative and dangerous.  

All Point Bulletins

APBS are specific bounties that are only raised during the most urgent of crimes. The planet that placed the APB will send a specific alarm to the planet and all planets surrounding it. These alarms are not just limited to the bounty boards, but can also be shown on the Communications and Collaboration Charter universal network. These are only used in extreme circumstances, but can raise an entire civilian populace to be aware of a criminal and to report them in.  

Federation Bounty Squads

If a bounty is put on your head, it is advised to turn yourself in before the Undaunted Bounty Squads hear about you. Not much running to be done once they are on your tail.
  Federation Bounty Squads are self-organized units that group up to hunt down and receive bounties. Often times these squads contain the most fearsome and powerful individuals that the Federation has to offer. Some Squads even recruit from active or retired military, especially from the Undaunted Gutwrenchers. These squads typically only go after bounties that are worth their time, saving the smaller prey for individual hunters.  


Most armies you can tell what's going to go down. You can look at someone, they have a gun, you know they gonna shoot you. When you're facing The Archive, not so simple. I once saw a dapper-looking Archive Regent knock out an entire platoon with a couple swings of his hand. All he had was a baseball bat.
— Unknown Federation Recruit


The Federation's military strategy takes into consideration its lack of strategic depth and promises to defend its constituents no matter the size. The division of its forces in planet-run militia also plays into the Federations tactics. Mobilization is the Federations first priority, and the Banners war Engine assists with predictive engagement and multi-planet rally points. Essentially if one planet is under threat, the Senate war Chambers and engine will raise the nearest armies to engage.   More distant planets will raise portions of their army, readying them to send in case reinforcements are needed or other planets nearby are attacked. The Federation also has a Banner-wide force, consisting of those who volunteer to join. They are funded by each planets voluntary contributions, though high contributions to this banner-wide force can allow more seats to be gained in the Senate.  



The arsenal of the Federation varies from planet to planet. The Banner-wide force consists of the most prominent fighters of the Federation equipped with the best protection that can be afforded. The major military planets of the banner contribute 75% of this force; peerless Undaunted warriors, Archive Regents, Perdurian Arms, and Manne-kyn fleets all come together to form a small but surgical elite force.   The Planetary militias are a far different story than the banner-wide forces. While some are well-equipped, most planets can not afford to hold an organized army. There is some assistance from the Federation in retaining an operational militia, but troops who have to rely on this are often times outgunned and outmanned by even the most basic of Banner armies and navies.   As the new Banner on the Universal Block, The Federation is well aware of the threats that surround it. They are small and decentralized, with each planet varying widely in both skills and equipment. A system of raising and unifying forces was crafted. A banner-wide chamber of leaders was formed, pulled from the military hierarchy of all planets able to contribute to the war effort. With the assistance of their own tactical Engine, this cabinet of war-leaders organizes the levying and commanding of the multi-planet militia.  

Prized Units

  Digger Co. Planet Crackers. These massive mecha based units are originally intended for asteroid mining or for mining planets which have heavy resources but no livable situations. However, because of experimentation on Artosen's part, Perduro quickly learned that these planet crackers were also fantastic ship destroyers. These units are often converted to wield armor, and are used in conjunction with other units to shut down an invasion before any boots hit the soil.   Undaunted Gutwrencher thrive in battle, using their meta-based powers in combination with giant mechanizations of all tech types these warriors are sent as a first and last resort. When the Planet Crackers can't stop an invasion, the Undaunted Gutwrenchers squash any invaders into the ground.   Manne-Kyn super units, are never found in battlefields nor are they found even in their own territory. Instead, Manne-Kyn super units are found behind enemy lines, often in civilian centers. These organized spies seduce, infiltrate, and assassinate their way into their enemies infrastructure. They can shut down an invasion before it is even in motion.  



Division of Economic Affairs

With the amount of planets constantly joining the Federation, counting what resources the Banner has becomes an issue. In order to keep track of available resources for trade and for internal production, the Federation operates an economic division that constantly balances and adjusts the economic output of all contributing planets. The resources managed by the DEA are often raw resource as that is what most younger colonies can contribute and need help getting to market. More seasoned planets often regulate their own exports and resources, as they are larger and have the capacity to do such.  


Where the Federation lacks in raw military strength, they make up for it in bulk economy and export-focused trade. Inter-banner trade became the Federations first line of defense. The Banners largest export is raw materials and labor technologies such as Digger's Shovels and other mining equipment. The Division of Economic Affairs encourages new planets to establish trade-networks quickly through incentive programs and seats in the Senate.   These trade benefits not only gives the planet a healthier economy but also makes the planet more visible. Attacks can not go unnoticed if other banners lose a trade partner because of it. A downside of this incentivization to trade is a lack of regulation. Many planets in the Federation can end up in trade wars over larger partners. These economic battles are the most heard grievance in the Senate, many end in Federation intervention and trade brokering.  



The Federation of Free Planets does not hold a central culture, they are instead a melting pot of their constituent planets. Each planet of the Federation brings their own cultural dish to the table, while the shared values of the Federation serve as a spice. Liberty, independence, and cooperation are the values that the Federation works to instill into the people who join their faction. This value sharing is a challenge, a tightrope that the Federation walks on. On one side a Banner with no value of cooperation will abandon each other in times of need, on the other side, the Federation was founded on the basis of liberty, which means cultural liberty. They can not force the opinions of other planets, nor can they just leave them to their own devices.   This is where the Communications and Collaboration Charter comes in, the cornerstone of Federation Culture. The Federation offers each new planet that joins the Federation a free connection to the Banner-wide entertainment and education streams. The Banner sets up the infrastructure, and the planets have access to all other member planets. This connection cannot be tampered with by local governments as a measure to ensure the people's freedom and transparency. It serves both as a Banner-wide warning system and promotes a friendly neighbor policy by educating the entire system about the planets they share a banner with. All of the education comes with the message of pride in their variance and reinstates the need to always remain together despite the differences that may come with liberty.  


The Federation of Free Planets prides itself in having no central religion. Instead the Federation is a culmination and melting pot of a almost all religions. Every Planet can practice its own faith, and because of planet motivation to interact, hybridized religions are often common. On the other side, hostilities over conflicting religions can be common. The Federation often has to step in to broker peace and prevent escalation of religious conflict.  
When we first learned of our neighbors love for Desire, we scoffed. Anthem was all we needed, and all we had. Soon, with the Federation uniting us, we began to realize where our praises became the same. We value the same things, and so we united our religion. Desire and Anthem, or goddesses of love, freedom, and expression.

Federation Information


Head of Faction

Senate Speaker  


Sophont Diversity
Human 35%
Sazashi 34%
Verin 29%
Other 2%
Universal BDP
16% of Universal Product  
Military Spending
3.23% of Entire BDP  
Primary Languages
Ubiq 32%
Saza 25%
Aeai 19%
Earthen 14%
Other 10%

Being in the Federation

At Their Best

You embrace the Federations spirit of Adventure and Expansion, excited to see everything that the universe has to offer. You understand that despite what you personally believe, everyone else has their own choices that they can make and it is not your duty to push them past where they would go on their own. At the end of the day, you are part of a diverse melting pot of cultures and ideas, and each element in the melting pot adds strength to the Federation and in turn, yourself.  

At Their Worst

You are free to do as you please, and the ways that you have chosen are the only way to operate. Your freedom is better than everyone else's servitude and you make sure that they know it. The only hope they might have is if you can bring them to the Federation fold.
Feds (Derogatory), Freemen, Federals
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


Everyone is a brick cast from separate stone, yet when we are all together we can still make a wall.
The differences in the Universe are intended to be embraced, not conformed to or shunned.


Common Federation upbringings


You are a firm believer of the unifying elements of the FPF. You believe strongly in the Senate and its idea of one unified voice for the good of the universe. While you may have pride in your homeworlds individualism, you tout the FPF as the reason why you haven't succumbed to other Banners nefarious wishes.  


While the FPF is your banner, you believe more in the strength of your home world. After all what is a political entity without its contributing constituents? Your driving force is constantly tied back to where you grew up, thinking for the good of your people rather than the good of the FPF Senate. It is by the individual strength of the planets that you stay independent.  


The FPF may be your home, but you use the freedom it grants you to adventure into the stars. You hop between banners, why you do this is a mystery only you can solve. Maybe you seek ways to improve yourself or the FPF. Maybe you seek adventure and fame to bring home. No matter your goal, the FPF affords you the ability to go out and make your adventure, and you plan to take advantage of that.  

Faction Relationships

The Church of The Somnolent

The Church of the Somnolent believes itself claimant on the Undaunted, but otherwise maintains neutrality with the Federation. At the beginning of the Federation, the Somnolent attempted to force Perduro to cede to the Somnancy, but after the Federation threatened a direct conflict, the Somnolent backed down and left Perduro alone. In the current day, the Federation and Somnolent maintain a healthy export and import relationship.  

The Apple of Hedonism

Many Hedonites see the Federation as weak-willed and nonsensicle. Hedon scoffs at their idea of freedom, as true freedom has already been Hedon's domain since their founding. Other Hedonites see the Federation as a friend. While not as free as Hedon, they still place their strength in individualism and liberty. That respect leads to healthy trade and diplomacy between the two banners. There are rumored to be hidden motives behind this trade, and the Federation is careful of Hedons greatest weapon, cultural conversion.  

The Jupiter Syndicate

The Jupiter Syndicate has plenty of reasons to be hostile towards the Federation. Two of the major factions within the Federation were former Syndicate founders and beneficiaries. Digger Co. was one of the original founders of the Directoriate. The Archive found its original home in Syndicate space. This betrayal has left the Syndicate in an interesting position. The Federation holds many resources that the Syndicate could use, yet opening trade completely with the new Banner could weaken their image. For this reason, embargos come and go at will, tariffs by the Syndicate often make trade unprofitable for the Federation. There are exceptions only to the most crucial elements of Syndicate technology, such as Platinum group Metals from Perduro.  

The ValuSelu Pact

Serving as the Federations closest thing to a diplomatic ally, the ValuSelu Pact operates on good terms with the Federation. Many thank Artosen Khandea II's efforts for the bountiful trade that has formed between the Pact and the Federation. This day-one trade is credited as the reason that other Banners did not attempt to outright conquer the Federation, in fear of invoking the Pact's wrath.  

The Verin Haimarchy

The Haimarchy works as the Federations most active aggressor. There are many reasons behind this ire. Fringe Haimarchy planets joined the Federation to give themselves the right to self-govern. Federation planets hold many valuable minerals that could prove invaluable to the Hairmarchys military. The most pressing matter to the hostility is The Archive itself. Their arsenal of strange artifacts, trinkets, and weapons is both a treasure trove and a universal threat to the Haimarchy. This hostility has bubbled up into a number of back-room plots and schemes against the Federation. Trade between the banners is banned, and there are no diplomatic communications between the two Banners.

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