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Anchaemo Vanthra

The Heavenly Chorus from Which Fountains Blood

As much a work of art as a world, Anchaemo Vanthra has been handcrafted by the Verin Haimarchy to suit their needs, and to stand as a monument of all that the Haimarchy can be.   It is a place of beauty, a place of murder. In Aeai, Vanthra means Fountain of Blood, and there is no name more fitting for it.
— Verin philosopher
Anchaemo Vanthra is the homeworld of the Verin Haimarchy. Though the cradle of life of the Verin was Jhoutai, they moved to Vanthra after the Sazashi, by way of the ValuSelu Pact, took over Jhoutai.

A New Home

Vanthra was established towards the beginning of the Bannercasting, shortly after the Harrowing. The Haimarchy, who found the Tower Spoke to Anchaemo Index were the first to travel through a new Point in the WayHall since the Advent of Humanity. They claimed the new system as Anchaemo and decided to settle upon its worlds—some of which had liquid water and bacterial life and even some basic mosses. To them, these lands were ripe for terraformation, and so the Haimarchy set Terraformation Storms upon these worlds, and crafted them into wonders.   They named this world Anchaemo Vanthra.  

Layers of Nobility

Vanthra's political climate—and by extension the social climate worldwide—is marked by the confederation of royal families existing in a near-feudal state across all their owned systems. Every plot of land upon Vanthra has been entrusted to it by the Sovereign Suselimel, and has to be maintained by that family while other families vie for the right to take it from them.  
It's not a Verin wedding without murder, and it's not a Verin funeral without a conception.
— Verin Noble
  Feuds, intra-family battles, and duels are commonplace among the Haimarchy, who desire the influence and power associated with the higher positions among the Haimarchy.


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What's in a name?

Anchaemo Vanthra means Home of Power, Fountain of Blood. Anchaemo is the name the Haimarchy has given the galaxy, Vanthra is an old name of Rites and Rituals which represents the formation of bloodlines and families, the process of frequent duels and death which begets it.


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