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Proclaimant Falconers


Proclaimant Falconers are the inter-banner enforcers of the Verin Haimarchy. They carry out the law of the the Haimokenda, moving between the Haimarchy worlds to investigate various major crimes. They act as judge, jury, and executioner to each other and the High Family members of the Haimarchy.

These Proclaimants travel with Sunstreak Aeolamen which they are telepathically linked to, and which are as much an extension of themselves as a posession.

The shadows of Sunstreak Aeolamen circled far overhead, massive forms mere dots against the yawning purple sky.

The Proclaimant herself stood before me on the salt flat, expression somewhere between placid and dissappointed.

"Ayoneurani Aeosualim," she said, holding up her hand to read from a data slate. "You have been found in transgression of Haimokenda law—specifically the rulings against assassinating family members outside of designated events. For this transgression, you shall be put to death."

I looked up to the sky, where the Aeolamen was still a distant dot. Too far to matter...

"Perhaps," I said, reaching for my wand, "But not today."

I extended my wand and she extended her hand. Meta rushed up my arm as the Wand drew for its cast. I began the motion for the spell—a flick of the wrist, followed by a jab.

A sudden sharp pain in my neck, then—

One transgressor mark, dead.

Traditional execution via Sunstreak.

Submitting remains of head for verification.

— Proclaimant Mennanui

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