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The Masons of Abisk


The Masons of Abisk—otherwise known as the Masons—were the elite order of Psiolic who used earthforming, Druidic, and Leviathanic magics to build great wonders and terraform the surface of Saumai.

The Tasks of the Masons included building the massive towers of Abisk and Karto, spreading plants across the world, and shaping the ecosystem.

As the planet matured and the Masons became less critical, their focus shifted towards keeping power away from the prominent House Venistasia—a wealthy and influential family of inventors and Psiolic. This conflict drove a Sophontic wedge into the heart of Saumai—most masons were psiolic from the Vanthric Haimarchy, and so were primarily Verin; House Venistasia had positioned itself of being prominently for the interests of Humanity, an oft over-looked Sophont.

We could have built without end—not ever higher, but ever inwards, sculpting this world into a marvel, of evidence that all Sophont can live in harmony. Instead, it's a grave, a dry laugh without mirth. Was it because of us, or in spite of us? Our experiment failed, and I shall never truly know why.

It haunts me as I haunt this city.

— The last Kilnrest Revenant Mason


The Mason's ranged around the Masonic Peninsula, with some flying cities scattered around to do their work from.


The Masons have faith in the Wheel as the source of the Meta and the creator of meaning

From Nothing; All


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