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Sunstreak Aeolamen

Sunstreak Aeolamen are a battle-focused breed of Aeolamen Raptorhounds.

In contrast their ancestors they are capable of sustained flight, and have a wingspan of up to 6 meters. They have a series of interlocking bones in their legs which can form a brace when aligned, allowing them to land and strike with incredible force without doing damage to themselves.


All the colors of autumn, and as much a sign of a cold to follow.

— Haimarchy Poet

Sunstreak Aeolamen are named for their speed and their coloration. Their feathers appear brown in low lighting, but glitter like fire in the sunlight, and overall transition between rich shades of tawny, auburn, bronze, and dirt.

Bred for War

Sunstreak Aeolamen were designed and bred by the Verin Haimarchy for useage by the Proclaimant Falconers, whose job it is to enforce the law of the Haimokenda on the families which comprise the Banner.

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