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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a law enforcing organization within your world and how they operate.
A total of 312 entries

SC2020 – The Crimson Guard

Slave Snatchers of the Sea Princes

Virituran Imperial Military

The Order of the Glowing Dawn

The Beldam Investigation Board

Anti Hecatite Squad of Thebes

The Mercury Wraiths of Mirrorrim

The Dark Scions- Mercenary Enforcers

The Constabulary of the Realm

Soli Technocracy and Laws

Only Those in the Sky Tree -- (Skitters)

No One Expects Bohemian Inquisition

Ministerio de control de la tierra

Department of Public Health and Sanitation

PIIG - Pagloan Inter Island Guard

The Order of Inquisitors

Priesthood of Erathis in Euhukoa Empire

Federal Disability Guild

Paladins of Law, Temple of Mercurio

Ísfangari - Jäger im ewigen Eis

Guardia Parlamentaria Dhalmanita

Los Guardianes de las Fauces

Surveyor of the Pavement, a smelly affair

Yetka Keyrityi: Keyrit Order's Judiciary

Ukari Wardens of Trade & Commerce

Imperial Kagomine Border Guards and Customs Controllers

Edel International Investigations

Sheiju Puzizha (Water Police)

The King/Queens's Guard

Castle Watchman of Ileduvant [WASC2020]

Bureau of Magical Investigation and Compliance

Principality of Enforcement

Der Verbund der freien Flotte

Department of Magical Investigations

Bureau of Security and Investigation

Blood Magic Investigations Division

The City Warden's of Vatnborg

Grayton's Lot Naval Patrol

Prompt 24: The Order of the Purifiers

Kaelian Interplanetary Security Division

The Tribunal for the Upkeep of the Sacred