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Agi's Scales

Agi's Scales is the primary law enforcement group of Omari. They formed some time after the island's dragon guardians appeared. This group is named after the most influential dragon (before all of them seemingly disappeared), Agi, the prismatic dragon. It is currently led by a bronze dragonborn named Orenthia Swiftclaw. Paladins make up a majority of its members with the occasional medic or social worker among their ranks.


At the head of Agi's Scales is the title of Prismatic Shield; this is the leader who keeps everyone in check and facilitates communications between all of the stations. Below the leader are the head of each station. Each station head controls the rest of the organization below them. Most members are known as peace officers.

Public Agenda

They thrive to maintain peace and balance among the diverse and varied communities of Omari. Hospitality, fairness, and understanding are core values to be upheld among the officers.


The Scales are funded through taxes. Any extra earnings citizens wish to pay them for their services are given back to the community through charities and other public service groups. Each island has at least one main HQ building in its largest city while some islands have several scattered about. Not all settlements have a large building and only have a few members stationed there. Each settlement is required to have at least one member stationed or within a reasonable distance to be called upon in a timely fashion.


The Scales operate all across Omari and its islands.


They are not a religious based group, however, members are free to worship as they please as long as it does not negatively influence their duties and judgement.


Citizens who wish to join Agi's Scales need to take a five year training course. During this time they train physically while also learning all current rules/regulations. This time period also gives the heads and Prismatic Shield time to assess their character in order to make sure they're not taking in violent or bigoted people. This training program is free to everyone who wishes to apply; it is funded by taxes like the rest of the organization. Prospective members are also required to complete volunteer community work as an effort to show their dedication and willingness to help those in need.

We are the shimmering scales of protection.

Founding Date
Government, Law Enforcement
Training Level
Veterancy Level
The scales use the same currency as everyone else on Omari (copper, silver, gold, platinum). The Prismatic Shield oversees the distribution of funds so that they're evenly spread among each station. Meetings are held between the leader and HQ heads to decide where to distribute excess earnings.
Legislative Body
They follow rules and guidelines set up by Omari's Unification Council. These rules tend to change over time whenever a council representative brings up needs that aren't being met or things that are being abused/mistreated.
Judicial Body
The Prismatic Shield meets with the Unification Council on a regular basis to keep up to date and distributes this information to all Scales members.

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