"I stood in awe at the glistening sight before me. I've never been to the capital before and it most certainly lives up to its namesake. The towering buildings sparkled in the midday light, casting a dancing spectrum of color across the city. Seeing the magic university framed by all this provokes a whimsical feeling inside me. I'm excited to start university in such a vibrant city." - Velmi Pallo, Luminous University student recounting their first day in Shimmerwick.
  Located in the north eastern section of the main island, Shimmerwick is the capital of Omari. It was the first major city established once the Oizai began welcoming other people to their islands. They named it for the delightful way the glass and metal of buildings shimmer in the sunlight. This prompted future architects to produce a whimsical style to later buildings. It is home to the largest magic university, Agi's Scales headquarters, a bustling market district, temples, and more.  

Important Locations

  There are many places to visit in Shimmerwick. The city easily has something for everyone. At the very center is the infamous Luminous University. Mages of all types flock there for a variety of things like getting certain certifications, seeking further magical knowledge, or to get help understanding their abilities. It also houses The Arcane Board headquarters and a large library. South of the school is a large hospital and research center.   In the eastern sector is the Adventurer's Guild. It's a hot spot for daring folk to form or be assigned groups to take on the many tasks Omari's citizens have to offer. Tasks range from simple help to dangerous expeditions. This ensures that anyone in need of earning money can find something within their capabilities.   The northern sector houses the temple district. Shimmerwick is one of the only cities to have a temple for every deity of Omari's pantheon. It is a quiet, spacious area with plenty of secluded spaces for people to practice in peace. This is a popular location for followers to flock during various religious holidays and festivals. A large cemetery is located east of the temples. It has a main building at its entrance where clerics can offer services.   On an elevated stone platform sits the main headquarters for Agi's Scales. A magic gate surrounds the buildings. Large granite steps lead up to each of the three. It is here where Omari's major court house is located as well. New recruits to the Scales come here for their induction after graduating the training program.  


  Locals and tourists alike can find a myriad of things to keep busy and entertained. The market district alone has many unique shops and stalls to visit. This area becomes even more lively during festivals and holidays. Embroidered rugs, fragrant street food, imported wines and spirits, beaded jewelry, handmade instruments, and shiny gemstones are just some of the many wares available. It is common to see people trading goods between themselves instead of using coin. Regular swap meets are held once a month. Peace officers advise tourists to be careful of lurking scammers and the occasional thief.    The Luminous University isn't just for students. They encourage the public to visit their library. Cobalt Soul monks are also often seen utilizing their facilities. During school vacations, they offer day camps and free seminars to children and teens. They are able to get an introduction the the various types of magic in the world, get themed snacks, and even do a craft once a week to bring home.    Every summer The Sunshine Foundations hosts its annual charity. They are based out of the city and provide help to families in need during times of crisis or illness. For two months they task residents to make a stained glass / suncatcher project. There are different age and skill categories with their own prizes. Each year has a theme. Past ones included pirates, jungle, fire and ice, baked goods, carnival, and many others. Entries are displayed across the entire city at designated spots to be judged. After awards are handed out, the pieces are then auctioned off and funds raised are used for their work.     
"Hi grandma! Hope you're doing well. Living in a new city is only a little scary, but there's so much to look at! School's out for vacation and while mommas are both at work I'm allowed to explore as long as I stay safe. I found a cool summer program at this funky magic school! I've been to a couple already and learned stuff like how wizards cast cantrips and simple potion making. We even made our own 'spell books' to use as journals. I decorated mine with purple rhinestones. Hope to see you soon!" - A short letter covered in star stickers on pink lined paper. 


  Shimmerwick was initially built to be a hub for the different important organizations at the time. Its founder Yuuna Moondrinker wanted to establish a secure place for leaders to gather and help grow their islands. She met with each group with a poll of what they needed from this new city. After selecting the best architects, Yuuna oversaw its construction made sure the layout would be perfect. The university was one of the first main buildings established. Mages at the time stressed the importance of having a place to grow in their pursuits while also making sure the craft would be passed on to new generations.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Glistening City, Omari's Jewel
Large city
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The Razzle Dazzle, Whimzy Days, Java Hut, Kobold's Crockpot, Gladys' Goods, The Prismatic Lounge,

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