Viri Tol the tailor

Mr. Viri Tol (a.k.a. Tolli (Only Yatari calls him this))

Viri is a half elf male who can shapeshift at will. He runs a tailor shop with his two assistants, Daisy, and a recently acquired Yatari. It sells the finest garments in town and can literally accommodate just about anyone. He began selling your basic suits and dresses, but grew bored of that. Viri was also frustrated that there weren't many choices, if any, out there that actually looked good for those of very tall and very short stature.   He started up the shop by himself before acquiring Daisy, his first assistant. She's a half orc who loves flowers and has an interest in maid attire. Several years later his second assistant, Yatari (a gender fluid, cotton candy colored tiefling), literally came crashing into his life. After busting through the shop's front window stark naked on the run from authorities, Yatari was given a chance to avoid jail if they did community service for Viri and they decided to stay on even after serving their time.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Shape shifting

Specialized Equipment


Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Asexual, possibly panromantic.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first tailor willing to create clothing for anyone regardless of size requirements and for a fair price.

Morality & Philosophy

Pretty moral. Willing to give everyone a chance. He believes anybody should have access to pretty clothing no matter the body type.

Personality Characteristics


Viri wants to clothe everyone in nice attire.


Family Ties

His mother is a succubus who, for some reason or another, took a non lethal interest in others and works as a therapist of sorts. His father is a well loved elven druid who runs a cat cafe.

Wealth & Financial state

Viri comes from your average family. With his shop he is fairly well off, but not mega rich nor of the snob persuasion.
Current Location
Current Residence
In an apartment above his shop.
Long and super dark purple
Quotes & Catchphrases
"For the love of the Gods, YATARI PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Elven, commen, sylvan, sign language,
Ruled Locations

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