The Arcane Board

Mages and scholars alike flock to the numerous libraries, collections, and universities established by the arcane board. In the year 142, the moon elf mage Atheni Zumlana created the Luminous Academy to serve as a headquarters for the board. She collaborated with her half elf wife Elora, who was a head librarian. Despite magic existing from the beginning, they noted a lack of proper facilities to teach mages. There were no regulations at the time as well.    Once the academy was built, the founders began establishing an extensive information network among their peers. Elora traveled between the islands to help lay the groundwork for the creation of public libraries. As more collections popped up, knowledge hungry citizens began visiting and spreading the word of the vast new world made available to them. This delighted Elora. Seing the glimmer in her eyes as she rambled on about new members and their collection growth made Atheni happy. During these small moments, she knew deep down they were doing great deeds.    It took five years for them to settle on universal regulations regarding magic use that were fair and ethical. Atheni wanted arcane knowledge to be available to anyone no matter their walk of life. She also knew that, if left unchecked, certain people could do a lot of harm. In the quiet depths of the archival basement, Atheni held meetings with influential mages. They debated and brainstormed into the wee hours of the morning, often fueled by wine and snacks provided by Elora. In the late spring of 147, the arcane board finally came to an agreement among all the high ranking members. After publishing the official documents, Atheni distributed copies to all their associated locations. Whenever a new one joined the board, they were given a copy as well. If there is ever a need to make amendments, the Illuminators meet with the current Crystal Dragon and vote on the changes before making them public.


There are three tiers within the board. At the very top is a singular person with the title of Crystal Dragon. Below them are high ranking members called Illuminators and everyone else below them are Brightlings.

Public Agenda

To further magical advancement while enriching others' lives with the joy of the arcane. They wish to keep meticulous records for easy access and research.


The main magical archive. The Luminous Academy and its branch locations. All public and numerous private libraries.
Founding Date
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Silver Dragons
Controlled Territories

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