Imperial Guard

Keepers of the Peace

Halt! You are in violation of the law of the land. Lay down your arms or the two of us will have a scuffle on our hands!
— Local guard
  The Imperial Guard is an organisation that was created by the Rahyamin Empire to enforce the law. They replaced the old groups of organised watchmen that patrolled streets voluntarily and received funding from the crown or the local provincial governors. The guard had been destroyed during the civil war, but remnants of it remained in Pekkola in places such as Ahelaldi.  

Service in the Empire

Established in 54 AU, the Imperial Guard was formed to suppress unrest in towns recently incorporated into the Rahyamin Emire. The previous watchmen that had patrolled the streets were too unreliable as their ranks consisted of locals who shared the townsfolks' grievances with their new overlords.  

Law Enforcement

The provincial governors of the newly acquired lands were impressed with the efficiency of their new professional law enforcement organisation that they advised the crown to adopt them throughout the empire.   Both the Bahal and the councillors in the Vatebrai were cautious about replacing the old system with a new, more expensive option. Eventually, after several years of studying their effectiveness in the borderlands, the Imperial Guard were allowed to replace the volunteer guardsmen within the country's heartland.
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After the Fall

Following the downfall of the Rahyamin Empire, most soldiers within the guard either persisted in battle or deserted. A small group did stay faithful to their vows, however, and they ensured the continuation of the Guard in Ahelaldi.   The harsh environment and lack of resources there meant forced the organisation to conserve their last few remaining sets of armour and weapons. Patrols are now conducted mostly unarmed or with wooden staffs, and their precious gear will only see action when Shla ai-Doai, the capital of the Imperial March, is threatened by an imminent attack.
Founding Date
54 AU
Government, Law Enforcement
Parent Organization
Rahyamin Empire (former)
March of Ahelaldi (current)
Rahyamin Empire
Organization | Jun 27, 2020

The Rahyamin Empire was the beacon of civilisation that brought most of Pekkola under its banner through force and manipulation

March of Ahelaldi
Organization | Jul 7, 2020

The March of Ahelaldi is home to those who wish to see a return of the Rahyamins and their once-great empire


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