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Keeper of the Waterfowl

Protector of the Sacred

I heard a southerner mock our custom of considering these noble creatures sacred, but I am certain their guile is purely born of ignorance. Knowledge of creation has sadly been lost on them, it appears, and they no longer revere the almighty primordial waterfowl for giving us this great world on which we toil.
— Mats, Keeper of the Waterfowl
  The Keeper of the Waterfowl is a title bestowed upon the eldest priest of the Circle of the Frozen One within the Valníki Realm. Such an esteemed member of the clergy is tasked with the care and protection of the swans and ducks of the land in addition to overseeing important religious services and festivals such as Kairnátt.   Those honoured to carry the title are often close advisors to the rulers of Vakníki and the extent of their influence and power within the great hall is up for debate. There are some who suspect that there have been Keepers in the past who’ve outright ruled the land by exerting immense amounts of power and influence over the ruling elders. Whispers in more recent years claim that, Mats, the current Keeper of the Waterfowl, is attempting to repeat such supposed history.    


It pains me to part with my dear friends, but alas, those witless oafs we call our elders are in need of more council.
— Mats, Keeper of the Waterfowl
  A Keeper of the Waterfowl must be diligent and relentless to their devotion to his or her god. During their long days of work they must pass on ancient tales and songs to the youth and younger members of the clergy, oversee religious practices, council the elders of the land on how best to rule and care for the people in accordance to god's teachings, and of course, looking after their most sacred animals.    


As their work requires them to travel around the realm fairly often, they are allowed to delegate some of their tasks to other senior members of the local priesthood.   The responsibility to teach and pass on ancient wisdom is often one of the first to get delegated to others, as most of the elder priests are more than capable enough of carrying out such tasks.   Some tasks, however, are utterly unsuitable for delegation and left only for the Keeper of the Waterfowl.

Vital Tasks

One of the most vital tasks which cannot be delegated to anyone else is within the name of the title itself, keeping the waterfowl. There is a reserve a few miles from Guthen and the hut in which the Keeper dwells.   From there, the person responsible for the animals’ wellbeing will feed and care for them, socialising with the local ducks and swans to ensure they are all content. Whenever the Keeper leaves the reserve to deal with other tasks, they will ensure there are guards around to ward off predators.
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