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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
the title & responsibilities of an important person in your world
A total of 417 entries

Qh'énnish honorifics II: Karreth

High Warden of the Sacred Grove

Superintendent of Indian Affairs

Emperor of the Cythrian Empire

Slicers - Harvesters of the Impossible

Emperor of the Teardrop Sea Islands

Head of Administrative Affairs

Grandmaster of the Royal Order

High Tech Inquisitor of the All-Mother

SC.2023.07. Tsou Silk Mandarin

The Temple Lord of Ayeshastra

Constable of the Order of St. Aloysius the Diligent

Siojhetioxh, the Shining Stars of Condioh

How to Be TISN Chief Controller

Councilor, Adirondack Park Alliance

Chief Justice of the Supreme Collegium of Justice

Captain of the Twilight Rangers

The Phoenix - Immortal Ruler of the Ashen Kingdom

Castle Myd'raal - The Great King

Lord Regent/Commandant Regent

Agent de Contrôle et de Maintenance Élémentaire

Chief Custodian of Quldafjord

Grand Master of the Adventurer's Guild

Silvi Sanna, City Leader-Zibern

Prompt 7: Forefathers of the Forge

The High Marquee of Zahdoni

Grand Constable of the Majaran Empire

Ganelon, Warden of Demon Reach

Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs

Secretary General of the Workers Party of Woodangees

Grandmistress of the Order of the Argent Raven

Divine Guardian of the Sacred Bond

President of the United Nations of Earth

Chairman of the Legislature

Secretary of Genetics and Shra Integrity

Hierophant, High Priest of the temple of Watcher of the Ways, and Master Elder of the Church of the Powers That Be in Incaras

Representative Regent of Rockvar

Director of Underground Cryptozoological Kindred