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Capital Sheriff

Capital Sheriff's are the highest ranking Sheriff in a city. Each city or town in Polantia has one, and they opperate as the commander for the town/city's Sheriff forces in the protection of the town/city. They only town's not to have a Capital Sheriff are the small outlying villages outside the Polantian Collonies.


To become a Capital Sheriff they must have served in the Polantian armed forces for atleast 10 years, and whilst it's not a necessity, is highly looked for that they have spent most of their time in the Sheriff's branch. Capital Sheriff's don't have to have been working as a Sheriff in the city they are appointed Capital Sheriff of, but again it is more often the case, as this way they have a knowledge of the city and people they are there to protect.


Capital Sheriff's are often appointed after the end of term of a cities present Capital Sheriff.


The responsibilites of a Capital Sheriff mainly involve overseeing the other Sheriff's stationed in a city. It is mainly a manageral position, as such most Sheriff's would prefer to remain as Sheriff Detective's, as they have a more public working job role. Capital Sheriff's are incharge of ensuring the Sheriff's of their city are well paid, disciplined, and working hard to protect the people. They also take the order's of their island's Comissioners and the Chief Commander, and ensure that all the other Sheriff's in their city are aware of their orders, and working to carry them out.


The main benefit is a political one, rubbing shoulders with the Comissioners, other Capital Sheriff's and on occasion the Chief Commander. The job does have a larger monetary benefit to the lower ranking Sheriff's but they get less time to work as actual Sheriff's, solving crimes and protecting people - which is what most Sheriff's would prefer to do.

Notable Holders

Obediah Longstem, Ward to Queen Mifeath - Held the position as Capital Sheriff of Oldaasoluth before being named Comissioner of Lumibroth Isle.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Sir/Ma'am, Boss
Alternative Naming
Capital's, Captains
Equates to
The rank of Capital Sheriff is equivilant to Commander's in the Polantian Naval and military forces - as all three branches of the Polantian armed forces cross over, some Capital Sheriffs have been known to move into commanding a unit in the other branches.
Source of Authority
Capital Sheriff's, like all members of the Polantia military, get their authority from the monarchy - Under that Capital Sheriff's report to Comissioner Sheriff's and the Chief Commander
Length of Term
10-15 years - After which they are appointed to high ranks of the Sheriff's or transfered into the navy/military as generals or admirals.
Reports directly to
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