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Polantia - Queendom (Poe-Lan-Tee-eah)

The Judicial System

    The laws of Polantia are written by the Master of Law, taking the orders of the Monarch and other council members as to what they dictate as the laws of Polantia. These laws are enforced with by the Sheriffs of Polantia, as well as the commissioners.   During trials or hearings, the defendant is judge by a jury or their peers, to determine whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. The final ruling on the interpretation of the law, as well as any potential sentencing is carried out by magistrates.  

Civilian Trials

  In both defence and prosecution are lawyers, people trained to understand the laws of Polantia, as well as other Rularian judicial systems. Polantian lawyers are all supplied by the Tilotix School of Law, an institution without any connection to the crown or royal council. The school is ran by civilians, and paid for by the public through an external tax, separate from the royal taxes. The schools income, expenses, and total revenue is all available to the public, the people of Polantia making sure that the school isn’t being influenced or bribed; the revenue reports are checked every three months by organisations outside of the school itself.  

Military Trials

  In the instance of a military trial, court-marshalling, possession of contraband or even treason, the defence and prosecution are handled by separate entities. The defence is handled by lawyers from the Tilotix School of Law, and the prosecution is handled by military lawyers from the Polantian Military Lawyers Corps, PMLC. Lawyers form the corps were either former students of the Tilotix School who left to sign up to the Military, or were soldiers that had an affinity for the law and studied either at Tilotix, though they are more likely to have studied at a school outside of Polantia; some students at Tilotix are very outspoken against Military students studying alongside them, seeing Military students as beholden to the crown instead of the people.   Juries at Military trials are made up of both serving and retired members of any branch of the Polantian Military.


The structure of the Polantian government has the Queen or Monarch as the highest seat of power, they rule the land absolutely. However, the monarch has a council that work under the monarch, finding the issues of the people, and how to solve them. Before the Dragon dynasty was established, and Mifeath crowned, the council was made up of Lords and Ladies from across Polantia.  

The Monarch

  The monarch of Polantia has been a Queen since 2e722/2011 BDR, leading to Polantia being referred to as a Queendom, rather than a Kingdom. The Monarch is the absolute ruler of Polantia, dictating how the Country is run based off the advice of their Council.  

The Royal Council

  Now-a-days, that council is made up of Dragons, during Mifeath's time they were the Dragons that came to Polantia, Lumibroth, Wrawyn, Jesgissa, Zramash and Worzavur.   When Mifeath stepped down as Monarch and Akonth coronated, the older Dragons began slowly stepping down, providing trusted replacements for themselves to the new Queen. Akonth's council is made up of Prince Zidos, Prince Ased, Osarende, Vollasla, Ixingeir, Felaryz.   Whilst Zidos and Ased have a permanent place on the council, the other siblings, Brazess, Octavian, Saelys and Malachi, has a provisional places on the Council, though they do not use it often. Octavian taking a quite background role as deputy Master of Gold, whilst Malachi and Saelys taking unoffical roles developing public good projects, Malachi creating the Public Polantian Library and Saelys working to ensure free education and health care for all of Rularia.  

Master of Gold

  The Master of Gold is the Treasurer of Polantia. During the reign of Queen Mifeath, the title was held by the Dragon Lumibroth. Currently under the reign of Queen Akonth the title is held by the Dragon Osarende, with Prince Octavian Erleth acting as the deputy Master of Gold, Osarende watching over all of Polantias finacials, with Prince Ocrtavian watching over the Colonies finacials and the royal treasury.  

Master of Agriculture

  The Master of Agriculture is in charge of maintain Polantia's supplies of grains, meats and other foods, and as such is in charge of the importing of food from other Kingdoms. They are also in charge of providing food relief to Cities and regions that need it, even if they aren't in Polantia. This title was held by Jegissa during the reign of Queen Mifeath and currently by Vollasla during the reign of Queen Akonth.  

Master of Law

  The Master of Law is the second in command of the laws after the Monarch, and in charge of choosing the Commissioners of the Sheriffs, taking the council of the Chief Commander when naming new Commissioners. During the reign of Queen Mifeath the Master of Law was the Dragon Worzavur, and currently, during the reign of Queen Akonth, is the Dragon Ixingeir.  

Master of Politics

  The Master of Politics is in charge of maintaining Polantia's relations with other nations of Oxdara, as well as mediating between the Monarchy and the council and the Noble families of Polantia. Since the introduction of the Waylines they also serve as emissaries between Polantia and Venkan and Erendoc. During the reign of Queen Mifeath the position was held by the Dragon Zramash.   Upon the coronation of Queen Akonth to lessen the load upon the Master of Politics, Queen Akonth implemented envoys to Venkan and Erendoc. The current Master of Politics who serves under Akonth is her brother Prince Zidos, having spent an early portion of his life in Erendoc and continues his visits to the western continent.  

Master of Sorceries

  The Master of Sorceries acts as the councils appointed mage, advising the Monarch, other council members and lesser lords and ladies about matters of protection against magic, how to utilise magic, greater magical threats to Polantia and more. The Master of Sorceries also acts as the Court Mage, as well as governing over the University of Higher Magics established in the capital of Yario.   During the reign of Queen Mifeath the Master of Sorceries was the Dragon Wrawyn, and now during the reign of Queen Akonth is held by the Dragon Felaryz, Felaryz being the first Gemstone Dragon to be appointed to a position on the council.  

Chief Commander/Lord Commander

  The Chief Commander is the Leader of the Military and Navy of Polantia acting as the right hand of the Monarch in all maters of war. This was the newest addition to the Council, being added by Queen Mifeath when her son Vrakdorium was raised to the position of Chief Commander, Mifeath adding him to the council and valuing his opinions and positions on all matters. It was the only position held during her reign by a non-Dragon. The title was passed down to the Dragon Prince Ased by Vrakdorium upon his retirement, and Ased continues to serve as the Chief Commander.   Both Chief Commanders since the position was added to the council have also been the Lord Commanders of the Royal Polantian Guard, thus the two titles becoming synonymous with each other.  


  The position of envoys is a new addition to the Polantian council, serving under the Master of Politics as ambassadors of Polantia, reporting back to the Master of Politics the situation of the area's they are placed.  
Envoys to Venka
  There are three envoys to Venka that serve the Polantian council, one to the Dritha Empire, one to the Ruizar and the newest envoy to the newly formed Clan Eternity.  
Envoy to Erendoc
  There is only one envoy to Erendoc, who operates out of the Aether Twins, as it is the largest city in Erendoc and operates as the main thoroughfare for trade and commerce in Erendoc. There is an unofficial envoy in Springwood, though the connection between Springwood and Polantia is that of family, the two communities being united under the marriage of Queen Mifeath and Queen Mia'rora Erleth.  


Naval Assets
  The size of the Polantian fleet sits at 565 aquatic ships, the main classification of ships are Brigantine, sitting at 250 Ships, with 100 Frigates, 50 First Rate Man 'o' Wars, and the remainder of the fleet being made up of Sloops, Schooners and other small gunboats. During the reign of Queen Akonth the Polantian Navy expanded to include a fleet of 20 Gatoro airships.  
  The royal treasury of Polantia is the accumulation of wealth held by the Polantian Monarchy and government. The exact amount of wealth held is unknown to the public, though the means of which the treasury grows is under strict governing by the Master of Gold, and the information is public knowledge, so not to appear that the nobility are overtaxing or misusing funds.   The royal family of Polantia hold their own treasury, with dividends coming from the treasury, around 10% of Polantia's yearly income is paid to the royal family. Though there is thought to be a secret mass of wealth from the two dynasty's that came before the Dragon dynasty, as well as the additional wealth, art collections and magical artefacts gained by members of the royal family during their times as adventurers; namely Queen Mifeaths time as a young Dragon, Queen Mia'rora's time in her early years as the Chosen of Ilmater, and Princess Brazess currently as she adventures around the world.


The Queendom of the Dragonborn, Polantia is Rularia's youngest kingdom formed and developed throughout the 2nd era, and its inclusion into the other kingdoms marked the end of the 2nd era, causing the 2nd era to be known as the Dragonkin Era.   The Dragonborn are originally native to the continent of Venka to the east of Rularia, their civilisation already ancient before the formation of Rularia, in 2e19 of Rularian history the Dragonborn of Venka had a civil war over the pantheon of Gods being worshipped, after 20 years of an on and off cold war peace was drawn, those opposed would seek out new lands to the west. The first explorer to find land was Iordhall Tiltic, he founded the city of Yrario, sending word back to his fellow outcasts and slowly the islands of Polantia were settled upon.   This all unbeknown to the 4 kingdoms of Rularia, the first era was dominated by constant wars, once the borders were established the only kingdom that would explore and notice the Dragonborn were the Elves of Erandule. Making contact with the Dragonborn in 2e456, beginning the tense relationships the Elves and Dragonborn still hold to this day.  

Queen Mifeath of Polantia, The Wintered Fury

  By the end of the second era Polantia had lost 2 dynasties, the Tiltic dynasty and the Axushtesh dynasty, the lords of Polantia sought to establish a monarch who would rule for long enough to make Polantia strong and capable of standing next to the Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, and Elves. They found the young silver dragon Mifeath and work to make her royalty, coronating the 23-year-old dragon in 2e725, serving as Queen of Polantia until 4e297/30 BDR. Under her rule Polantia grew, its navy became the largest in Rularia, they were accepted by the other 4 kingdoms, science prospered and in 4e142 she lead the leaders of Rularia in a ruling Rularian council.   Unlike Dragontide or Ixmoria, Polantia is ruled as a unified kingdom, the different isles named after the Dragon's that live there and make up the Polantian advisory council, lead by the royal family. The islands of Polantia before being named after the dragons that settled there had no real name, instead, Polantia was seen as one entity, referencing the cities, not the island when talking or discussing a place.  

Queen Akonth of Polantia

  Following in the footsteps of her mothers, Queen Akonth rules the Queendom with the strength and intelligence of Queen Mifeath, but also her kindness, and makes it a point to continue the good work of Queen Mia'rora. Queen Aknoth was coronated into power when Mifeath reached 2000 years old, with nearly as long running the country, Mifeath decided it was time to step back and let her children take charge; the old Dragon wishing to spend time with her wife.   One would have expected infighting amongst the four Dragon and three half-dragon princes and princesses as to who would become the monarch, but the Queens knew their children better than that. Ased never had any intentions or desire for ruling, taking after his older brother and idol Vrakdorium Mountbreak, taking charge of the Polantian military, navy and Royal Guard, taking the role of his aforementioned brother. Zidos is charismatic, funny, witty, but like his brother, had no want or love for princely duties, however he was very good at politics, taking a seat on the Polantian council, acting as a delegate between powers outside of Rularia, especially Oasis in Erendoc. And Brazess, followed in young Mifeath's footsteps, she wanted to travel, see the world, help people in a different way to her siblings. And so Brazess became an adventurer, travelling across Erendoc, Venkan and Rularia, becoming a folk hero for the world.    Of the half-dragon children Octavian opperates as the family treasurer, overseeing the upkeep and gains of the royal treasury, as well as overseeing the taxes and finacial aid sent to the colonies. Saelys is the youngest Princess of the family, enjoys her life as the Princess of Polantia taking on public appearence rolls and developing projects for the betterment of all citizens of Rularia, not just Polantia. And Malachi is seen as the nations baby, the youngest child of Mifeath and Mia'rora, he holds the unoffical title as Polantia's Master of Literature ensuring that the public have access to a large public library built on Jegissa isle, a large almost fortress housing an ever growing recountment of Polantia's history and scientific advancements, as well as ensuring all of the royal families gathered tomes and books are copied and placed inside the library for the public to have access too - under his leadership Polantia has gathered the largest collection of tomes and knowledge in Rularia aside the library in the Elven capital of Estariell.


Expansion and Settling of the Polantian Colonies

  42 DR, having ruled as Queen for nearly 60 years now, and having witnessed the Draconic Resurgence, Polantia was quickly growing larger than the small island nation had space for. Meanwhile, the wilds north of Ixmoria, formerly Thalitcal, had been empty for centuries, with the Orc's having no desire to reclaim their old homelands, the Queen sought to settle colonies. The Dragon engaged in multiple talks with the Orcs, to make sure they truly had no desire to reclaim the wilds, and leaving open the invitation for the Orc's to join them in settling colonies.   And thus settlers were sent north, to establish a small town from which Polantia could grow. Only two cities have been founded in the north, Moredera and Leoterraa, the settling of these cities greatly expanding the farmland available to Polantia, exporting any excess resources to the motherland.


The Polantian military is a strong, exceptionally talent force, and whilst being one of the smallest nations, after the New Thaltical Republic and Elrian, has the largest military presence in Rularia. The Dwarves and Humans respecting their old treaty after the War against the Darkwing empire, the Orc's still rebuilding, and the Elves never holding too large a force. Because of this the Polantian military is often used as the Rularian military when required by the Rularian council, with forces from the other nations reinforcing the Polantian units.  

Chief Commander

  The Chief Commander of the Polantian Military is a position given to a warrior who proved themselves to the Polantian Council, and most importantly the Queen. Whilst Polantia has both a Navy and a Military, the Chief Commander is the head of both. In recent history their have been two people to hold that title, Vrakdorium Mountbreak who held the title after proving his strength and intelligence uncovering a plot to assassinate the Polantian Council. And after him, Ased Erelth, who was named the Chief Commander after Vrak eventually retired at the age of 127. Vrak named his successor, having trained the young Dragon from the time he could hold an axe, and witnessed him prove himself countless times in the defence on Polantia and Rularia. Ased continued to hold the title of Chief Commander after his mother stepped down and his sister was made monarch, though like his predecessor, no one can discredit them or claim nepotism. Royal Polantian Guard and the Lord Commander of the Guard  

The Royal Polantian Guard

  The Royal Polantian Guard was once classified as a branch of the Military, though once the Rularian council was established, Vrak set about forming the Guard to be a specialised and elite team of soldiers, people who would not only defend the royal family, but smart enough to see threats before they came. Whilst now a separate force from the Military or Navy, the Royal Polantian Guard has only been led by the Chief Commander, as Vrak passed down that title to Ased long before retiring from the Chief Commander position.   Ever since forming the Guard, only a handful of people were ever deemed worthy enough to be a part of this select group, Vrakdorium being quoted as 'Training hundred's of troops, only 5 of which were ever considered to be a part of the unit. And only 3 actually made it.' Setting a high level for this elite unit, a level that has not been lowered since Ased's appointment as Lord Commander.   Under Lord Commander Ased, after his sister Queen Akonth was crowned, the duties and roles of the Royal Polantian Guard has expanded. The Royal Guard operating as a secret service for Polantia, with a smaller portion of the already small unit operating as spies for Polantia across the world. Because of this the Royal Guard has no bias in recruitment, and for spy craft will look for exceptional Polantians of non Dragonborn heritage. Though not actively confirmed, it is thought that this secret branch of the Guard was established by Vrakdorium, with his brother Obadiah and sisters Wanda and Evangeline, all who are Half-Elves, acting as Polantia's first spies across Rularia.  


  The Polantian Navy is the largest navy in Rularia, the island nation requiring a strong naval presence not only for military might, but also safe guarding trade routes. Because of their large and powerful navy the Polantians are more often than not present on any international relations and mission, especially those to Erendoc or Venka. The strongest element of the Navy isn't the size of their fleet, but the intelligence of its captains and officers. Since the Dragon dynasty all naval officers are trained how to navigate the stars and the currents by the Dragons, as well as being taught how to know and target your enemies weakness in a split moment.   The Dragons that live on the Polantian archipelago have been known to travel alongside Polantian ships, providing an extra nuclear option should things get hairy for a ship or fleet. The size of the Polantian fleet sits at 565 aquatic ships, the main classification of ships are Brigantine, sitting at 250 Ships, with 100 Frigates, 50 First Rate Man 'o' Wars, and the remainder of the fleet being made up of Sloops, Schooners and other small gunboats. During the reign of Queen Akonth the Polantian Navy expanded to include a fleet of 20 Gatoro airships. Whilst having an aerial fleet is less necessary to the Draconic nation, having held air superiority for millennia, the public perception, both internal and external, of their expanding military power was a opportunity not to miss; the young queen eager to prove she can led Polantia as well, if not better, than her mother. Having the airship fleet also provides support for the Dragons in the air, safeguarding them with numbers.  

The Sheriffs

  The Polantian military operate as the guard and police force across Polantian under a separate division, The Sheriffs, protecting the peace and serving the people. They serve under the Commissioners, who serves under the Chief Commander; the Commissioners are the Sheriffs equivalent of Admirals and Generals. There are five Commissioners, one on each Polantian island and one for the Colonies, and under the Commissioners are Capital Sheriffs; there will be one Capital Sheriff in each town and city. The Capital Sheriffs then have Sheriff Detectives, Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies.   Sheriff Detectives handle solving cases, are often highly decorated, many soldiers and sailors that return to Polantian seek out Sheriff Detective positions to be closer to their families. Sheriffs operate as the everyday bodies on the streets, making sure the public feel safe, and striving to find ways to help their communities, Sheriffs and Solider recruits are often interchangeable, being trained in the same ways, and any recruits that enter the Military have to do at least one tour in both, before finding an area to settle into. Sheriff Deputies are civilians, people not a part of the Military, who work for the Capital Sheriffs, from things like personal assistants or drivers, to consultants.

Technological Level

The most technologically advanced nation of Rularia, though still decades behind the science and technology of Erendoc, especially Aetherland. Polantia was the first Rularian nation to master gunpowder, creating weapons helmed by the Gnomish inventor Ronhim Von Dorkenhiem in the first years of the 4th Rularian era / around 327 BDR. This development continued Polantia's ascension to the military powerhouse of Rularia.   Since the formation of the Rularian council, free exchange of science, technology and information levelled the Rularian playing field, however, under Mifeath, Polantia continued to grow its mastery of technology. And once the waylines were constructed and the people of Rularia began trading with Erendoc, all of Rularia funnelled its resources into Polantia to develop new technology they could trade with Erendoc. Over time the free exchange of information would include Erendoc's technology, like the Geo-Lines and Lightboxes, but only after Polantia presented some technology that interested the Erendocians.


Polantia, like most of Rularia, follow two pantheon's of Gods, the God's of the Standing Stones, and the Illira Pantheon. Across Polantia and it's colonies are temples devoted to many of the God's in both pantheons, as well as temples devoted to the pantheons in their entirety.   The largest of the temples, are the three in Yrario dedicated to the Primordial Dragons Bahamut, Tiamat and Kaltorius.

Agriculture & Industry

The Master of Agriculture

  The agriculture of Polantia is overseen by its Master of Agriculture, who oversees Polantia's supplies of grains, meats and other foods, and as such is in charge of the importing of food from other Kingdoms, and exporting what Polantia can grow. They are also in charge of providing food relief to Cities and regions that need it, even if they aren't in Polantia. This title was held by Jegissa during the reign of Queen Mifeath and currently by Vollasla during the reign of Queen Akonth.  


  The little farmland in Polantia is used mainly for crops like wheat, grain and fruit orchards. The nations climate making it perfect for growing tropical fruits like Mango's, Orange's and Coconuts, which the nation exports. Jesgissa isle is also native to the Polantian silk worm, and the small communities that live on the island harvest the silk and spin it into the highest quality fabric, sending it all over Rularia, and eventually Venka and Erendoc.   After the expansion and settlement of the Polantian Colonies, Polantia has begun to export stone and ores from the Thaltical wilds.


  Polantia imports all manner of things, from wine to metal ore, the island nation has little farmable land, so most amenities have to be imported. However, since the settlement of the Colonies, the importing of resources, mainly crops and animals, from other Kingdoms has declined, instead moving portions of the harvests from the Colonies back to the homeland.


Polantia has full, free education for all children aged 6-18, wherein they learn to read, write, basic mathematics in their early years, and more advanced math, science, history, geography, and in some instances basic magic; for magic children are taught basic cantrips like Mending, Message, Prestidigitation to see if they have an aptitude for the arcane, if they do, they are encourage through royal scholarships to attend The Oakleaf University in Dragontide.   Polantian has it's own instiute of higher education in the Mia'rora Erleth Teaching Hospital. Many people have travelled across Rularia, and since the easier access to travel the Waylines provided, across Oxdara to attend the school. Whilst a working hospital, the institution teaches all forms of healing, many cleric's and paladins being sent to the school as part of their training, to learn medicine from the greatest healers in the world.
Founding Date
2e19 Rularian Records / 2713 BDR
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Rularian Crowns
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Plantinum
Major Exports
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Silk
Major Imports
  • Most Crops
  • Wine
  • Ore
Legislative Body
  • Ruling Monarch
  • Master of Law
  • Royal Council
  • Commissioners
Judicial Body
  • Magistrates
  • Lawyers
  • Jury of Peers
Executive Body
  • Commissioners
  • Capital Sheriffs
  • Sheriff Detectives
  • Sheriffs 
  • Sheriff Deputies
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

United by the Rularian Council

United by the Rularian Council

United by the Rularian Council

United by the Rularian Council

United by the Rularian Council

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