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Erandule - Kingdom (E-Ran-Dew-El)


The history of Erandule is better known by the actions of their monarch, with their own form of timekeeping outside the Rularian Era's or Pre and Post Draconic Resurgence (BDR/DR) that is commonplace elsewhere. Though not as ageless as their ancestors the Elves live far longer than any other mortal, and as such the era's of their monarch's can last nearly as long as a full Rularian Era.  

Tamoraian Era (435 3e/993 BDR - 941 3e/487 BDR)

  The era ended after the first attack of Ithual, where in the Dragon Queen Mifeath of Polantia earned her title of the Wintered Fury. King Tamora went back on an agreement he made with the Polantian Queen, the King believing he could best the Dragon in a game of wits, misleading and deceiving her. This act would be the end of Tamora as Mifeath descended on the city of Ithual, attacking only the palace, killing the King and wounding the Prince; in her attack many civilians were injured and some killed, a fact that haunts the Dragon to this day. The Prince made a deal with the Dragon for his life, that she would hold the mountain range of Vermoran, all Elves would be pulled from garrisons in the mountains, a way to keep the Elves in check. The looming threat of the Dragon in the north - a threat that Trindual would come to see as something he could best, following in his fathers footsteps.  

Trindualian Era (941 3e/487 BDR - 142 4e/186 BDR)

  The poisonous seed of his father, Trindual is recorded throughout Rularian history as a coward, a liar, and a spoiled prince who had no right becoming king.   The end of his era, that would become the shortest era in Erandulian history - save for the Venmorian era -, came about in the years following the War against the Dark Wing Empire. King Trindual had given his word to the Ixmorian Council, the Polantians, and the remnants of Thaltical that his navy would reinforce them during the war, a promise that would be broken within the same breath. Trindual sent his captain of the guard, Venmoria, to make this promise, with no intention of ever following through, seeing Empress Rosalind as the horse he would bet on to win the war. A bet he would loose. Venmoria being a woman of her word took it upon herself to take whatever men would follow her and aid in the war.   After the war the countries of Rularia would unite as the Rularian council, and sent the heroes Mia'rora, Shade, and Trill to bring the King to justice and take him under arrest to them. Due to an encounter with the Fey, these heroes were lost for a month, and the council was left to believe Trindual had killed them. Venmoria was sent ahead to prepare an evacuation after two weeks had passed without hearing from the heroes. On a moonless night, the city was evacuated, as Mifeath conducted the second attack on Ithual, thanks to the evacuation the only people who died were Trindual and his advisor Pawarin, Mifeath learning from the errors of her first attack. Trindual and Pawarin were frozen, entombed in the glacier that still encompasses the city. Venmorian Era (142 4e/186 BDR - 212 4e/116 BDR)    

Ara'ellian Era (212 4e/116 BDR - Present Day)

Founding Date
319 1E / 3614 BDR
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Elven Lands
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
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United by the Rularian Council


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