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Yario (Yah-Ree-Oh)


Most of the population of Yario, like Polantia, is made up of Dragonborn, across all subspieces - Chromatic, Gemstone and Metallic. The next largest demographic are Tieflings, orginally the species came from Erendoc, but those whose ancestors travelled to Rularia eventually came to live in Polantia after its founding. The rest of the population are made up from all kinds of Rularian races, and since the introduction of the Waylines, immigration from Erendoc has been made even easier.   A not insignification portion of the population are Dragons, who came to Polantia following the coronation of Queen Mifeath and the Dragon council. Some of these Dragon's prefer to live in disguise, constantly taking their humanoid form, but most choose to change between the two, though all retain humainoid form whilst in the city, only taking Draogn form when flying or hunting outside the city limits.


Yrario City  
Rhorash Docks
The Rorash Docks is the historic dockyard of the city, containing the oldest quayside in the city. As the city expanded more dockyards were added, whilst Rorash was made the royal port, where dignitaries, visitors or the royal family's own ships docking. The warehouses in the area however are owned by various business and people in the city, only the quayside being used by the royal family exclusively.   Because of the royal connection most buisnesses have moved their warehouses to other dockyards in the city, with a large portion now being owned by the Sheriff's and Polantian navy, as they can dock in the royal yard to load or unload new weapons or supplies.   Mithibra Market   Iordhall Baracks   Udokul Eastshore   Udokul Westshore   Xardaar Quarter   Outer City Yaraio   Zrararum Point   Zenliann Residence

Points of interest

The Statues

  Across Polantia, are large stautes of important figures of Polantian history, across the capital city are statues of the many King's and Queen's of Polantia. The only exception to this is Queen Mia'rora Erleth, who when coronated didn't want a statue, instead founding the Erleth Teaching Hospital.   The many statues are of:
  • King Iordhall Tiltic
  • King Frozavur Tiltic
  • King Nesdhall Axushtesh
  • Queen Mithibra Axushtesh
  • Queen Uriyassa Axushtesh
  • King Rhorash Axushtesh
  • King Zrabarum Axushtesh
  • King Xarzire Axushtesh
  • King Dragar Axushtesh
  • Queen Drysgil Axushtesh
  • King Rhorash Axushtesh II
  • King Trouciar Axushtesh
  • King Udokul Axushtesh
  • Queen Zenliann Axushtesh
  • King Xardaar Axushtesh
  • Queen Mifeath Erleth
  • Queen Akonth Erleth

Ironborn Smithy

Tavern's, Inn's, Resturants

Shimmering Side Bar
Outerlands Tavern

Government Buildings

Royal Palace

Public Buildings

Nesdhal Library
Temple of Bahamut

Schools and Universities

  Erleth Teaching Hospital
Founding Date
2e 19 Rularian Callander
Alternative Name(s)
Polantian Capital, City of Statues
Roughly 300,000
Location under
Owning Organization


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