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The Polantian Colonies


The Polantian Colonies are subjects to the Polantian monarchy and Dragon council, they do have however an organisational structure of their own. This small group governs over the two major colony cities and the small outlying towns and villages in the stead of the Polantian government, whilst answering and acting as the council ditacts. This group include the Governer/Governess of the two cities, a Commissioner, the Captial Sheriffs for each city, and the Sheriff and Sheriff detectives that make up the Polantian police force.   The outlying towns and villages often look to the Sheriff placed in the town for leadership and guidance, the Sheriff in that town will also act as its mayor, ensuring the people are safe and following the Polantian law.


Established in 42 DR, the colonies have had a gradual growth over the last 200 years, with people slowly coming to settle new towns, with the main cities only having it's 3rd generation of babies born on colony soil.

Demography and Population

The people who live in the Polantian Colonies have sprawled outwards, settling in new lands, larger and more fertile than the Polantian isles, to grow crops and raise cattle. The two main cities of the Colonies are Moredera and Leoterraa, each named after the ship that carried the first settlers across. The largest of the cities is Leoterra, with a population of around 12,000, whereas Moredera has around 9,000. The outer towns and settlements house around 200-2,500 people, with even smaller homestead settlements exsisting even further into the frontier; whilst these homesteads are bound by Polantia law they don't have Sheriffs stationed at them, instead they are inspected every month or so by nearby Sheriffs to ensure all is well.

Trade & Transport

The main trade to and from the colonies comes via ships sailing from Polantia, Erandule or Ixmoria, as the colonies are not yet connected via Waylines. However, in recent years preparations have been made to expand a Wayline to Leoterra, but the time and resources needed to create a circle large enough for Waylines has not been achieved yet. There is a beginning circle, established 281 DR, after the city had grown, to allow easy arrival by the Polantian Royal family, Dragon Council, or other important figures needing to arrive in the colonies.
Founding Date
42 DR
Geopolitical, Colony
Alternative Names
Polantian Frontier
Ruling Organization
Major Exports
The major exports from the colonies are the abundance of crops like grain, wheat and potatoes, as well as meat and other amenities from livestock - wool, milk. The main reason for the settlement of the colonies was to expand Polantia into more fertile lands where they could farm these items as the Polantian islands are very small and rocky, with not enough land to continue feeding their growing population; settling the colonies was Queen Akonths idea for reducing their reliance on other nations for food. Most meat is salted or cured before being sent back to Polantia, however some trade ships have specially enchanted larders to keep meat cold during the journey back to Polantia.   The colonies also export the hardy woods of the frontier, pines and oaks, for use in ship making, expanding the Polantian fleet with even stronger ships - again lessening the need for imports of the hard shipmaking wood from other nations like Dragontide or Ixmoira.
Major Imports
Most of the colonies imports are luxuries from the main islands, things like silk, wine and ale, goods the people of Polantia have grown accustomed too.
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