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Dragonborn, like their Dragon ancestors, have their scales and abilities, based on the type of Dragon they are descended from. Split into three different types, Chromatic, Gemstone, and Metallic.

  • Black - Acid
  • Blue - Lightning
  • Green - Poison
  • Red - Fire
  • White - Gold
  • Amethyst - Force
  • Crystal - Radiant
  • Emerald - Psychic
  • Sapphire - Thunder
  • Topaz - Necrotic
  • Obsidian - Fire
  • Brass - Fire
  • Bronze - Lightning
  • Copper - Acid
  • Gold - Fire
  • Silver - Cold
  • Tin - Thunder
  • Zinc - Poison

Basic Information


A Dragonborn is a scaled, bipedal humanoid, with two arms and two legs, as well as a tail. They are digitigrades, meaning they walk on their toes as opposed to the soles of their feet (their feet looking more like dogs or cats than humans), with three clawed toes. Their hands have three fingers and a thumb.   Their skulls form into snouts, much like their ancestors, with forward-facing eyes, and slitted pupils. The brow ridge over the eyes contains no hair, like the rest of the Dragonborn body, instead, the skull and face are covered in smaller scales compared to the rest of their bodies. The shape of the skulls depends on a Dragonborns heritage, most being very similar to their Dragon ancestors, bronze Dragonborn have skulls similar in shape to a bronze Dragon, amethyst Dragonborn similar to amethyst Dragons, so on. However Polantian Dragonborn have a shorter skull and snout, with a larger and wider head overall, whereas Venkan Dragonborn have a longer snout and a thinner and smaller skull.   The appearance of horns or whiskers depends on the heritage of the Dragonborn, Polantian Dragonborn have more horns and fins, akin to European Dragon designs, whereas Venkan Dragonborn have more Eastern Dragon designs in their whiskers and horns.   Dragonborn tails are around 50-75% as long as they are tall, for example, a Dragonborn that stand at around 6'6'', their tail is usually between 3'3'' to 4'8''. Their tails are covered in scales, much like the rest of their body, that grow smaller as they get closer to the tip of the tail. Dragonborn tails can also grown spines or spikes either down the back of the tail of around the tip of the tail, though these spines and spikes grow in respective to their ancestry.

Genetics and Reproduction

A noticeable difference from their Dragon heritage, Dragonborn reproduce in a mammalian fashion, via internal fertilisation and live birth, after 10 months. However, Dragonborn do not have the mammory glands that mammals do. Instead, they produce a type of Crop-Milk, akin to birds, in their internal Elemental gland, the gland responsible for the Dragonborn, and Dragons, being able to produce fire or lighting or ice. When a female Dragonborn is nursing their young, the internal Elemental gland is co-opted by the Dragonborn's hormones to produce the nutrients to sustain life in the young.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragonborn age slightly faster than most, reaching adulthood in their mid-teens. When they reach around 10 years old Dragonborn start developing their more draconic abilities and appearences, their horns being to grow and they start being able to use their breath weapons.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Dragonborn names are very similar to the names of Dragons, and are named in Draconic. They also can to have two surnames, but more commonly have just one, an earned name, the more common, and a family name. Earned names are like the titles of Dragons, the Wintered Fury, the White Storm, the Dread Wyrm, but for Dragonborn are shortened. The Mountain Breaker, shortens to Mountbreaker, the Flaming Whirlwind, shortens to Flamewind, so on.   A family name is only used by nobles, lords and ladies, and tend to be the first name of the first member of that family to be given a title.

Major Organizations

The most notable Dragonborn organisations are the two Venkan Empires, the Dritha and Ruizar Empires, and the Rularian Queendom of Polantia.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dragonborn are all taught Draconic, their ancestral tongue, and for many, many years this was the only language they spoke. However, in the recent couple thousand years the migration of Humans to Venka and the Polantian Dragonborn generating trade with the other Rularian kingdoms, has caused Dragonborn to begin speaking other languages.   In Rularia, this means that the Dragonborn of Polantia began speaking Rularian common, and influencing the language too.   In Venka, the humans brought over a version of Rularian common not influenced by the Dragonborn of Polantia, and ended up doing the opposite, starting to speak Draconic, bringing some of their own words to the Venkan Dragonborn, creating Venkan Common. A far easier 'common' tongue for the Dragonborn to learn compared to Erendocian and Rularian as the main base of Venkan Common is Draconic.

Historical Figures

Vrakdorim Mountbreaker, Prince of Polantia, Champion of the Multiborn, The Flaming Spark, General of the Polantian Army, Head of the Polantian Royal Guard

Common Myths and Legends

How Dragonborn Were Born

The Dragonborn are among the oldest race of people on Oxdara, coming to being a few thousand years after the 5 lords split Rularia. How the Dragonborn came into being is unknown, and each Empire has its own belief of how they came into the world, the differences in beliefs being the original catalysts for the Empires creation.   Those of the Dritha empire believe that the Dragonborn evolved from the Tal, like the people of Rularia, and the Tardoren. They believe that the absences of Dragons that followed the exodus of Kaltorius and the thousands of other dragons, that the life force of Oxdara filled in that absences, by evolving some Tal into Dragonborn. A belief that isn't exactly far from being possible, the people of Erendoc evolved from animals at the same time and, believed to be, the same reason. The life force of Oxdara balances itself.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Relationships between a Dragonborn and a member of another race isn't common, but not uber rare. These relationships being more common in Rularia, where a large mix of species reside, as opposed to the majority human and Dragonborn populations of Venka.   Occasionally, these relationships can spawn children, and these half Dragonborn children.  

Venkan Dragonborn

The Dragonborn of Venka have very different relationships with the other races than the Dragonborn of Polantia. Especially with the Humans of Venka, and Humans in general. Historically, the Venkan Humans and Dragonborn have had a contentious relationship, the Dragonborn seeing these Humans who came over, stole land from them and continued to live on their continents as criminals. Though overtime, as generations went on, the Dragonborn preferred to ignore them, only dealing with the Humans when they needed access to the coastlines, which the Humans had staked most of their 'claim' over.   In recent history, the Humans started being united under one leader, the first King of the Venkan Humans, Bjorg 'The Dreamer' Korinson. Though assassinated by Haren Thorison, the dreams and work of Bjorg continue through his children, who now lead this united Clan, Clan Eternity. The Dragonborn of the Ruizar Empire have began trading with Clan Eternity, and over time so have the Dritha Empire. This Clans dream and aspirations to be recognised by the Empires as Venkan, not Venkan Human, Venkan. And through the workings of his children, Bjorg 'The Dreamer' Korinson's dreams, are coming true.   The only other people the Venkan Dragonborn have a detailed relationship with are the Polantian Dragonborn, though even that is only a recent development. Historically once the Polantian Dragonborn left to settle in Rularia, the Venkan Dragonborn cared little for them, caring even less once Mifeath was established as Queen, the Empires seeing Dragons as Gods and creatures to be worshipped, not creatures to lead their nation. During the years succeeding the War against the Darkwing Empire, and the establishment of the Rularian council, the Venkan Empires began to reach out to Rularia, seeing them now as a united continent worthy of trade, not five squabbling kingdoms, though they still have issue with Mifeath as Queen, as well as the children Zidos, Akonth, Ased, and Brazess being poised to take the throne after her.  

Polantian Dragonborn

Unlike their Venkan cousins, the Polantian Dragonborn have established and for the most part good relationships with the other Rularian Kingdoms. The first people the Dragonborn made contact with, and the people Polantia have had the most turmoil with, are the Elves of Erandule. Whilst most trouble with the Elves comes from the Elven royalty and their continuous bad faith against the Polantian Queen Mifeath, the Dragonborn view the Elves, for the most part, as separate from their monarchs and royal linage. The two nations having the largest trade network between the Rularian nations, and have a comradery being the two smallest nations, until recent history and the ruin of Thaltical.
Details about the Dragonborn races, as a playable race beyond the things specific to Oxdara, can be found in the Player's Handbook and Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.
Scientific Name
Draconis Sapiens
120-140 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dragonborn, like their Dragon forebearers, range in colour mainly dependant on the type of Dragon they're descended from, i.e. a Red Dragonborn, Copper Dragonborn, Emerald Dragonborn. The colouration of each Chromatic Dragonborn will range across the various shades of the colour Dragon their ancestor was, Red, Blue, Green, etc. Gemstone and Metallic Dragonborn colouration however tends to change saturation and dullness, some having very dull and muted scales, some having very bright and shiny scales.    Mixed heritage Dragonborn, or Multiborn, will have scales of both kind, i.e. a half Red and half Copper Dragonborn will have red and copper scales.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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