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The Rularian Council

The Rularian Council was established in Rularias 4th era, in the year 142, as a direct response to the end of the Darkwing Empire. In the months prior to the battle of the Citadel, the Dwarven Lords of Ixmoria called for a meeting of the kingdoms, to discuss the trouble in Dragontide. Whilst the council would not be official formed until after the war, many view this first meeting as the unofficial establishment of the council.   The original Kingdoms to form the council were the Polantians, the Ixmorians, the newly formed Republic of Horan's Rise, and the Orcs of New New Blackstone. The humans of Dragontide who remained after the war also sat on the council, electing August Proudmire as king and their representative.   This first order of the council was to send the heroes Trill Nesik, Mia’rora Erleth, and Shade to the Elven King of Erandule and bring him to the council for betraying them, and going back on his promise and duty to aid in the war. The heroes made a stop in the woods on the Ixmorian/Dragontide border to visit Trills family, ending up lost in the forest for three months due to fey interference.   As such, the Dragon queen Mifeath went to Erandule herself, believing Trindule to have captured the heroes. Venmoria, captain of the kings guard, who had gone against her kings orders and aided in the war, evacuated the city shortly befor Mifeaths arrival. Trindule and his hand Parwarin refused to leave, deciding no longer to fear the Wintered Fury, they were frozen inside the castle as Ithual became encased in a glacier of ice. An act that soured relations between Polantia and Erandule even more.   At the councils request, Venmoria became the interim ruler of Erandule, until the Elves could elect their own governmental body.   Overtime the Rularian Council became the governing entity that dictates Rularia’s relations with the other continents; the individual kingdoms retains governance over their own lands and people. With some instances the Rularian Council pooling it’s resources into one Kingdom to develop culture, art or science. For instance, pooling the greatest minds and inventors into Polantia to develop science and technology advanced or unique enough to trade with the Erendocians.   The present members of the Rularian Council, and the lands they represent:
  • The Queendom Polantia - Queen Akonth, Queen of Polantia, and it’s Colonies. Price Ased, Prince of Polantia, Lord Commander of the Polantian Royal Guard, Chief Commander of the Polantian Army and Navy.
  • The Kingdom Erandule - Queen Ara'elle Keliana, Queen of Erandule
  • The Kingdom Dragontide
  • The Republic of Horan’s Rise
  • New Thaltical Republic
  • The Underdark of Elrian
  • The Kingdom of Ixmoria - The heads of the nine Dwarven families, Lady Illaria Dragonsbreath of Clan Dragonsbreath, 
Founding Date
186 BDR/4e142 Rularian
Alliance, Generic
Controlled Territories


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