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Major language groups and dialects

Most Drithian's speak two major languages, the first being Draconic and the second being Venkan common. The accents and dialects of Draconic are very hard for non native speakers to discern, but Drithians speak with a slight drawl to their speech in both Draconic and Venkan common.

Coming of Age Rites

Starting at 16 years old, Drithian children are tasked to develop a project or goal, to be worked on till they turn 18; this can be anything from Art or Music to Science and furthering technology. These projects need not be completed to a final form, but must show ample progress across the two years they have to develop it. Many children choose projects that would be beneficial to the future job and life they wanted, whether to go into politics or art or science or the military. Often times their projects will be seen my influential people in thier chosen field and given aid to further develop the idea in their adulthood.

Funerary and Memorial customs

As most Drithians are Dragonborn their funeral rights step from their Draconic ancestry. During the funeral the deceased is placed upon a large pyre alongside thier dearest belongs, that they had not specifically given to others - like passing a sword from father to son, or donating books and research to libraries -, this pyre is then lit and dust is thrown onto the flames to colour them to match the deceased. Red Dragonborn will have red flames, amethyst purple (non Dragonborn do not have their flames coloured but all other rites are observed).

Common Taboos

Two major taboos come from the Drithian coming of age ritual, the first interfering in another's project that would sabotage or disrupt their progress. The other is not actively working to develop their project, the whole point of the project is to showcase and develop a persons talent and work ethic.

Major organizations

The major Drithian organisation is the Dritha Empire, one of the Dragonborn empires of Venka which spans most of the central and southern regions of the Eastern side of the continent.
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