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Queen Mifeath Erleth (Me-Faith)

Queen of Polantia, The Wintered Fury, The Last Silver Dragon, First Dragon Queen of Polantia


A lone Silver Dragon egg. Abandoned on Polantia's southernmost island, hatching, crying out for a mother and father who will never come.   Nearby, a wanderer on the plane of Oxdara, a demi-god by the name of Eltern hears the wyrmling's cries. She searches through the rocky region for the small creature, seeing her curled into a ball, still covered in the broken shells. Sobbing softly.   Eltern cautiously approaches, crouching next to the small creature. Reaching the back of her hands for the creature, trying to gain trust. As the wyrmling pushes her head into the hand, using it to wipe off some tears falling down its face.   "Oh, little one... I know what it's like to be alone too..." She sighs and builds a fire.   Over the next few years, Eltern helps the young dragon grow, teaching her how to live, survive. And whilst they lived in peace. Rularia fell into a plauge. The 11-year plague. Eltern's connection to the life force of Oxdara caused her to leave the young dragon on her own for a while. And it was in the final months of that disastrous time, that led to Mifeath's discovery by the Polantian nobles.  

Discovery of the Monarch

The wake of the 11-year plague deeply affected all of Rularia, but non more than Polantia. King Xardaar Axushtesh died childless, with the crown falling to his sister Princess Kasaadi Axushtesh, who also succumbs to the plague before her coronation. With the siblings dead, neither creating offspring, Polantia's second dynasty, the Axushtesh Dynasty, comes to an end.   Polantia’s Lords and Ladies meet to elect a new monarch and establish a new Dynasty, the first time since King Nesdhall Axushtesh was elected being the Axushtesh dynasty in the year 2e136. The lords and ladies come together and elect the new Queen. To make sure the monarchy would be strong the Dragonkin decided to look to their distant ancestors the Dragons, to make up the monarchy. On the southernmost isle, they locate the young Silver Dragon Mifeath, a linage of Dragons thought lost some 20 years prior. The nobles take the young Dragon back to Yrario and teach her the ways of Queenship.   Whilst at Yrario, the fledgling queen was encouraged to take a humanoid form. All dragons have the ability of Shapeshifting, and many will choose a race that has affected them as a child, almost imprinting on that race. But in the beginning, the young dragon's abilities aren't fully developed, only being able to change between one humanoid form, and their draconic form, gaining a finer control of the ability by their second century.   The nobles pushed the young dragon to take a Dragonborn form, something recognisable to the people, not the face of a different race. But the Dragonborn weren't influential on her as a newborn, as a child. Eltern was. And Eltern looked, Human.   And so Mifeath took the form of a human female. Standing around 5'10, retaining the piercing icy blue of her eyes, and the deep obsidian black of her horns, creating a long head of slightly curled black hair, falling down her back.   As unhappy with the result as the nobles were, they accepted Mifeaths human form, the soon to be queen already proving right their decision to elect her monarch. Eltern's quick wit and kindness, and Mifeath's ancestry of intelligent creatures, creating a fair, wise, and kind queen. Long before she was even crowned.  

The Coronation

After three years of tutelage and training, the day finally came for the coronation of the first Dragon monarch, being coronated on the day of her 23rd birthday. The celebrations lasted for a full week, after the tragedies and heartbreak suffered in the years before, the people of Polantia used the event as the start of a new dawn for Polantia. Neighbours, families and friends, united together, sharing food, their homes. And on the final day of the week, Mifeath walked through the streets of Polantia, meeting as many of her new subjects as she could, shaking hands, hugging the children, sharing drinks with the revellers. All on her way to the temple of Bahamut in the city centre.   The actual coronation left the whole of Polantia in silence. The people in the street holding silent, wishing to know what was happening inside the temple. The nobles inside, and those lucky enough to have gained entry watched as the large temple doors opened. The sunlight cascaded into the room, leaving Mifeath in silhouette as she walked into the temple. As the Silver Dragon walked through the temple, her heels clicking on the marble floor, she smiles at everyone as she stands tall, settling on the throne at the end.   Her outfit is still talked about to this day, revered for how strong, yet beautiful, kind, yet rightful. How very much she looked like a queen. Sitting on the throne, her one-shouldered silver dress, hanging from her right shoulder. Intricate silver and platinum jewellery on her left arm, from her shoulder, down to her hand, continuing into two metallic claws on her middle and index fingers. Her black, gladiator heels, wrapping up to just below her knees, the straps embroidered with coloured gems set into metal holders. The gems a rainbow of colours representing the chromatic Dragonborn of Polantia, and the metallic holders, forged from metals representing all the metallic Dragonborn of Polantia.   When her crown, a silver circlet, wrapping around three large opalescent gems, was placed upon her head, and the sceptre of Polantia given to her, the entire island erupted in applause and cheers. Like a wave starting from the temple, growing outwards across Yrario, across the island, and soon all of Polantia was cheering. Some historical records from Dragontide and Ixmoria claim that the cheers could be heard by the fishermen and coastal towns. Over time every jubilee celebrating Mifeaths coronation is celebrated in a similar fashion. A week of parties and feasts. Though as time has gone on, the anniversaries have become more spaced apart. Originally celebrating every 10 years, over time it became every 25, then 30, to now when it is celebrated every 50 years. Mifeath having once said - "The celebration of my rule is vastly extravagant, and, whilst I do not keep track any longer, I know that it is a great moment and time for the people celebrating. But every 10 or 25 years is far too often. Whilst every 100 or 150 years, their would-be generations who would never experience this moment of community, and that is something I do not wish to deprive any Polantian of."  

Mother to Many

Whilst most Dragons claim their hordes to be vast treasure troves of wealth, magical items, and land, the Dragon Queen claims her horde as the people she surrounds herself with. Especially the many children she has adopted over the many years of her life.   An orphan herself, Mifeath has always had a soft spot for the abandoned or lost children of Polantia, from her most recent children, four baby dragons hatched from the Worzavur Volcano to her first child, Katrina. The Polantian monarch raising, caring for, and burying her children, the eternal lifespan of a Dragon causes her to always outlive her children. A pain only a parent can know, but she continues to adopt children, knowing that for all the pain she will receive at the end, she gives each child a life of love, care, wanting for nothing. For every child she adopts, the queen has a small golden charm forged, emblazoned with the child initials, which she wears around her neck. Not feeling like herself without it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A strong woman, with a bottom heavy hourglass figure shape, in good fitness, but not overtly athletic, and her body hides her true strength. This is her chosen, human form, her draconic form, a large Silver Dragon, with obsidian black horns and claws, large dark wings, and the same piercing, icy blue eyes shining through.

Apparel & Accessories

The only item that Mifeath always wears is a heavy necklace, made of a simple silver chain, with small half inch coins. Nearly a hundred coins, each engraved with the initials of the children she has cared for and adopted over her life. The most recent four coins an A, Z, B, and another A, representative of the four baby dragons she, and her partner Mia'rora, adopted; Akonth, Zidos, Brazess, and Ased.   Most of the time she wears dresses, long dresses, with various different cuts and styles, in icy blues, silver and black, mainly.    When appearing in a royal capacity wearing her crown, a silver circlet, wrapping around three large opalescent gems.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The long life of the Wintered Fury spans hundreds of years, and she has seen multiple different phases of her life.  

Adventurer in Erendoc

Gender Identity

Mifeath presents herself as feminine, as a dragon being able to alter her body into whichever shape she wishes, and uses the pronouns she/her.


Lesbian - In a relationship with Mia'rora Erleth, Champion of Ilmater, Cleric, Prophesied Firbolg child to unite Erendoc and Rularia.



Passing on the Crown

  In the year 25 BDR, on Mifeaths second millennia of life, the Dragon decided it was finally time for her to step down as monarch, and pass the crown to her hier, Akonth.

Religious Views

Never an overtly religious person, even as the Queen of Polantia, Mifeath has only began to worship a God since her relationship with Mia'rora. Though she never forced her beliefs on the people of Polantia, instead encouraging religious freedom throughout her kingdom, with new temples being erected around the cities surrounding the ancient Temple to Bahamut.   Since her relationship with Mia'rora, Mifeath has taken to praying to Ilmater, mainly for the safety of her family, and to ask Ilmater to watch over the souls of her children who have died.


Mia’rora Erleth


Towards Queen Mifeath Erleth


Queen Mifeath Erleth


Towards Mia’rora Erleth


Wealth & Financial state

Mifeath is a Queen, and a Dragon, her wealth and class reflect that, though she uses her power and money to help those around her. She takes time to learn the names of all the servants and guards in her employ, and their families, she is known to do anything to aid those who are in need of it.
Date of Birth
September 21st 2e702 ------ (Komora 13th 2031 BDR in the Post Draconic Resurgence Calendar)
Year of Birth
2031 BDR 2314 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Hatched from an abandoned egg, found by Eltern, member of the 5 lords, and raised by her until Eltern had to leave to help heal Rularia after the 11 year plauge.
On the southern most Island of Polantia
Mia’rora Erleth (Partner)
Current Residence
Royal Polantian Palace in Yrario
Piercing Ice Blue
Long, Obsidian Black hair, curled slightly falling to her shoulder blades
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Pale Skin, No blemishes or imperfections
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Draconic, Rularian, Venkan, Erendocian, Dwarven, Elven


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