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Dragontide - Kingdom (Dragon-Tide)

The Kingdom of Dragontide is the southern kingdom on the largest island of the Rularian Continent. Ruled by lords of the 7 regions, and the ruling monarch, Dragontide is home to the main human populace of Rularia. In the 136th year of the 4th Era, Rosalind Muccey took control of the Dragontide Kingdom by killing any lord who didn't stand with her. The Dwarves attempt to defend their allies to little avail, retreating before the majority of their army was lost. With the forging of Rosalind's Empire the Last War Treaty ended.   The now Empress Rosalind Muccey and her unseen ally Inday, began to raise their army, corrupting the people into mindless soldiers, raising the dead to fight alongside them.   After the defeat of Rosalind in the 4th era, the ruling classes of the other 4 kingdoms came together to form a ruling council. This ruling council, now acting as a united Rularia, set about restoring a form of government to the remaining humans of Dragontide, re-allocating or restoring families to their lordships.


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Dragontide was the first Rularian nation to declare itself as a Kingdom, and its founding is seen as the starting mark of Rularia's first era - mainly as this is the first moment of recorded history that was written whilst it was happening, to make sure the facts are recorded.
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Geopolitical, Kingdom
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The Dark Wing Empire (Under Rosalind)
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United by the Rularian Council

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