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King August Proudmire

King Augustus Ruillic Proudmire (a.k.a. August)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about August before the War against the Dark Wing empire, only that he was the middle born child, and only son, of the noble family who governed Tronbridge. After Rosalind started overtaking Dragontide Tronbridge was the last to hold out and resist her advances, and as such were attacked and hit the hardest. August was the only person to resist Rosalinds enslavement, watching his family become mindless drones in Rosalind's army. As such, and without the knowledge that the enslaved could be saved, he was forced to kill his family, claiming he 'would rather see them dead, than watch what they became'.    August was able to resist the corruption because of a deal he had made with the 'god' Putara, at the time known to the world as Venmoria. August became the first champion of the Lords , a group that later included Governess Pandora of Horan's Rise, the heroes Shade and Trill, and much after Augusts death Kill'ani Blackcrystal.   In the years following the War against the Dark Wing empire, August was elected King of Dragontide after proving his devotion to the people that were saved and freed of Rosalind's influence, a position he never wanted, but took responsibility of to ensure Dragontide's safety and prosperity. As King he was added to the Rularian Council as Dragontide's representative and was a voice of reason for the other Rularian nations, with the unspoken acknowledgement that King August and Queen Mia'rora were the most advocational for the people they represented, and not just the nobility.   The death of his family haunted August throughout his life, and whilst he eventually married and had children, and later grandchildren of his own, that filled his heart and hearth with warmth and happiness, the memories of his parents and siblings faces before they died was a curse he carried with him his whole life. In a way of honouring his family August named his first born daughter for his mother and eldest sister, Lillian Haley Proudmire, his father with his first born son, Grathim Lorin Proudmire, and his youngest sister with his last born child, his youngest daughter Allura Gillarin Proudmire.


August had always identified as bisexual, and whilst he eventually settled down with his wife, Queen Julliana Proudmire (Op'era), he was known as quite the playboy in his youth, with many nobles vying for his hand in marriage, regardless of gender.
Chaotic Good
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
19th Komora
Date of Death
21st Terrest
213 BDR 112 BDR 101 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Middle born child of a the noble house of Tronbridge
Circumstances of Death
Surrounded by his children and grandchildren, his last words mumbles of reuniting with his mother, father and sisters
Noble palace of Tronbridge
Place of Death
The Citadel
Dark brown
Black, tied back into a ponytail in his youth, as King he let it grow to just above shoulder length, worn down with streaks of grey that eventually overtake his natural black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, covered with scars his sustained fighting against Rosalind's forces before and during the war
Muscular, broad shouldered
First Champion of Putara, though he began to follow the Gods of Rularia's standing stones later in life, after the war
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Rularian Common, Orcish, Dwarven


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