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Ixmoria - Kingdom (Icks-More-Eah)

The kingdom of Ixmoria is ruled by the council of Dwarf lords, each lord representative of their clan. The council meets in times of war or crisis, meeting at the capital region and city, only large scale decisions warrant the meeting of all council members, smaller dictations between clans are held at the nearest neutral hold city. For example in the 3rd era when the clans Stormborn and Stonestoke met to discuss their water borders and trade between the two clans, the meeting took place in Oakton, the hold city of clan Ironheart.   The 4th era of Rularian history saw great changes across the country, the first change was the establishment of the Horan's Rise republic, when one of Horan's many crime families, the Tendera family, worked with the police of Horan's Rest to remove the other family's influence. The family's head, Pandora, was raised to Governess of Horan's Rest and began talks with clan Brokensword to claim the land Horan's Rest and the refugee camp of New Blackstone sat upon, governed by the new Governess Pandora. She changed the regions name, to reflect a new Horan's under new leadership.   The second large scale change came about after a explosion along their northern mountain border, 4e 144, caused the wastes of Thaltical to become separated. This opened up the most northern clan, Clan Blueflame, greater access to the coast, and access to the coast a lot closer to their hold city of Lost Forge.



  Historically the Ixmorian Army operates in the following chain of command and lordship.
  • The Capital Army - Made up of all the forces of Ixmoria, from all the different Lords and regions, the Capital Army is only convened and work as a unified force in times of War with other nations. The Capital Army is not a traditional standing army, as the forces are only united in rare and specific circumstances.
  • A Lords Army - Each Lord has their own standing army, which is commanded by their own Generals and Commanders, and is used during times of civil war between the clans, or more commonly, as the police force.
During the 4th era of Rularia, the Last War between Humans and Dwarves was fought and ended, when neither side wished to see anymore of their people die over border disputes, and finally settled on the Ixmorian/Dragontide border, that still stands to this day.  Following this accord, the Last War treaty was signed by both Dragontide and Ixmoria, dictating that neither side could amass a standing army larger than the other, and in times of war the two nations would stand together, and unite their forces. This treaty did not last. In the wake of the Dark Wing Empire, and the need for liberation of Dragontide, the Humans were left with a severely diminished population. Because of this, the Ixmorian Army was larger and thus the treaty broken, though the event after the Dragontide Liberation caused the formation of the Rularian Council; maintaining the peace between the two nations.   Since the treaty was broken, but with neither side seeking retribution for the breaking of said treaty, the Ixmorian Army steadily grew, and being the largest Kingdom of Rularia after all that transpired in the 4th Era, became the largest Army in Rularia. Because of this, any military conflicts that require the full might of Rularia, the Army is made up of mainly Dwarves.


  The Ixmorian Navy is very small, in total having a fleet of 50 aquatic ships, 25 Brigantines, 10 Frigates, and the other 15 being Gunboats, Sloops and Schooners. The majority of these ships being held by Clan Stormborn, the only Clan that only holds lands off the mainland. Broken into 40/10 split, with Clan Ravenpeak holding the smaller fleet, 4 Brigs, 2 Frigates, 2 Gunboats, and 2 Schooners, the remaining 40 ships being owned by Clan Stormborn.
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3214 BDR / 1e719
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United by the Rularian Council

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