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The Republic of Horan's Rise


Minister of Government

The Minister of Government, often shortened to Minister, is the head of the Horan's Rise Republic Government, they are an elected position with a term lasting 5-6 years before a new election is ran. A Minister can be elected into office for two consecutive terms, before being ineligible to run again for at least one term, and can only be elected for a total of three terms.  

The House of Representatives

Under the Minister is a house of Representatives with a member of each district of the main city as well as a representative for each of the outlying villages. These representatives bring forward the wants of the people to the Minister and advise how best to handle situations.


The Founding

During Rularia's third era a human vessel had left Dragontide, sailing north to trade with the Orcs in Thaltical, however this ship was caught in a storm with the only survivor from the wreck a lone man, by the name of Horan. Washing ashore at a small fishing village along the coast of Ixmoria Horan was nursed back to health by the Dwarves, and felt indebted to them, with no family in Dragontide he remained in Ixmoria helping the villagers. During his time aiding the village Horan, being the only compliant fighter saw off any pirates who wanted easy port and over time the village began to be known as a safe haven, not only for Dwarves, but for any wayward travellers in need of a safe refuge.   Slowly the village grew into a city, and eventually Horan passed on, but his memory, his legacy was immortalised in the new name for the city - Horan's Rest - and a large statue of the man himself. A way of insuring that all who lived in the city would follow the ideals set by Horan, goodwill to all and safety for those who need it. Ideals that would be lost, and reforged strong than ever in Rularia's fourth era.  

Crime Families and the Phoenix

During the later end of Rularia's third era and the beginning of the fourth era, the city of Horan's Rest began falling short of the ideals of its name sake, with multiple crime families causing the city to become a haven, but for the wrong sort of reasons. Clan Brokensword, who owned the land where Horan's Rest sits wanted nothing to do with the city, and left it to be run by itself, with its own police force and government. Clan Brokensword had always hated that their land was becoming a haven for non Dwarves and essentially abandoned the city. Due to this in Rularia's fourth era, a woman by the name of Pandora Tendera, head of the Tendera crime family to work with the Police to clean up the city and re-establish it as the refuge it was founded to be.   Over the course of a few years Pandora worked to disrupt and dismantle the various crime families in Horan's, with the culmination of her plan taking place shortly before the war against the Dark Wing Empire. In lew of this Pandora was elected as Mayor of Horan's Rest and renamed it Horan's Rise, like a phoenix from the ashes.  

Principality and Republic

In the months following Pandora worked to establish Horan's as its own sovereignty, free of the Ixmorian Council and Clan Brokensword. To begin this started with dividing the coastal land from Clan Brokensword to be established as the Principality of Horan's Rise. After the war and with the support of Polantia, Thaltical and Dragontide, Pandora lead the effort in the Rularian Council to establish Horan's as a fully independent nation, a republic that would and still does elect its own Governor/Governess and be free to settle new towns and cities in its lands and on unclaimed territory in the North Rularian Frontier or the Exterior Wilds should they so wish.
Founding Date
4e142/186BDR - Principality / 4e156/172BDR - Republic
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
City of Horan's Rest (Historically), Principality of Horan's Rise (Historically)
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Barter system
  • Horan's Rise
  • Elyfield
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United by the Rularian Council

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