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Appointment to the Royal Polantian Guard


Established when Prince Vrakdorium Mountbreak created the Royal Polantian Guard, the tradition has not seen much development over the nearly 470 years since its creation.   The major development on the tradition is the addition of Gemstone's to the official cloaks. This change happened after the Draconic resurgence, when Gemstone Dragonborn began being born across Polantia, showcasing the commitment of the RPG to the people of Polantia, much like the metallic chains for the Metallic Dragonborn, and coloured thread for the Chromatic Dragonborn.


The execution of the honour upon a recipient takes place in the Polantian Palace, before the throne of the Queen.   It begins by the recipents entering the throne room, with the nobility, family members, and the people of Polantia who wished to attend, applauding them as they enter. They make their way towards the steps before the throne, wherein the Queen, or Monarch, is sat, with the Dragon Council behind them. The Monarch then recites the words first spoken by Queen Mifeath.   'Those before me have proven themselves as the smartest, strongest, and bravest warriors around. As such, they have been appointed to the Royal Polantian Guard, to serve under the Lord Commander as protectors of the people, the nobility, and Polantia's interests both domestic and foreign.'   Then the Lord Commander steps forth from the crowd, commanding the recipients to raise their dominant hand, leading them through the recital of the following vow.   'I -insert name of recipient- vow before the people of Polantia, to serve as an elite member of Guard. To serve the Queen and her council. To protect Polantia against all who threaten her.'   The Lord Commander then takes their axe, at which the recipients kneel, with the blade of the axe facing upwards, resting the back of the head against each shoulder. Saying 'As Lord Commander, I knight you, Preatorian -insert name of recipient-' They are then presented with silver cloaks, with a chain clasp with individual links being made of various metals representing the different types of Metallic Dragonborn, the edge of the cloak is embroidered with thread representing the different types of Chromatic Dragonborn, the lower bottom of the cloak having different gemstones fashioned along it, representing the different types of Gemstone Dragonborn.
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