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Polantian Summer Festival


The Polantia Summer festival is a long standing tradition, that has existed for as long as Polantia itself. Originally being brought over from the Polentien Empire, the festival originally was a pass time to bring the community together, each town having their own festival, showcasing art, music and live theatre in the community. Unlike the Lakeside Festival, the Polantian festivites focus solely on the creative efforts, with little to no focus on fights and melee contests - though it isn't unheard of for some boxing matches or demonstrations of skilled swordsmen to be showcased, as they can been seen as art to some people too.   During the reign of Queen Mifeath, and continued by Queen Akonth, the festival evolved. Each town would still hold their own festival in the first few weeks of summer, with a large countrywide festival being held, typically in Yario, for the whole country to come visit, as well as the rest of Rularia - and later Erendoc and Venka - to come see what creativity the Polantian people had come up with that year.


There is no set execution per say, just what is showcased throughout the festivals. Chef's will typically offer extremely cheap if not free food for people, using the good will to drive buisness for the rest of the year, and during the festival in the capital the royal family pay for all food and drink consumed during the festival.   Live open air theatre is performed, from puppet shows for the children, to large elaborate operas, with the greatest performers in Polantia offering their time and skill to the roles (Very much like how panto's in the UK will have celebrities offering their time to a role).


The summer festival takes place during Mienor, the first summer month. Smaller towns and cities will hold thier festivals during the first two weeks, with the large festival put on by the royal family taking place on the third week. The fesitvals usually last all week, though smaller towns may only put theirs on for a few days.
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