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Basic Information


Dragons take multiple different forms, and many different types, from the chromatic to gemstone to metallic. Whilst horns, fins, head shape, wing shape, all change dependant on the type of Dragon, they do all have some qualities in common.   Dragons, in Draconic form, are quadrupedal, scaled creatures, with large wings and a tail. All Dragons are shapeshifters, able to take countless forms, but only after their first century. Before then Dragons are able to change between one form and their Draconic forms, and for their first form will look like an influential figure on their early life. For example Mifeath, Queen of Polantia took a human form as her first form, after the woman Eltern, who raised her in her early life. Dragons take this first form when they're around 5-6 years old on average, but some gifted with the ability will take their first form earlier.

Biological Traits


Chromatic Dragons owe their heritage to Tiamat, the Primordial Chromatic Dragon and Draconic God of the Sun. To being Tiamat created Badrik, the White Storm, the first Chromatic Dragon, and over time created more and more Chromatic Dragons. Whilst no Dragon is born evil, like all sentient beings, Chromatic Dragons have had history record them as the more devious, territorial and dangerous. This is both true and untrue - in truth a Chromatic Dragon is no more devious or dangerous than their Gemstone or Metallic cousins, they are however far more terrotorial, which has lead to this unfair perception of them being 'evil'.   Chromatic Dragons take thier names from the colour of their scales:
  • White - Born with a devestating breath weapon of frost and ice, and an immunity to the colder climates
  • Black - Born with a potent 'breath' weapon of concentrated acid, and an immunity to the acids of the world
  • Green - Born with the ability to create a cloud of poisionous gas that would choke the world, and an immunity to poisons
  • Blue - Born with the ability to create an arcing bolt of lightning, and an immunity to lignting effects
  • Red - Born with the ability to unleash a torrent of fire and flames at their enemies, and an immunity to the heat, fire and lava
Whilst all Dragons are dangerous beings, and Chromatics being more terrotorial than thier cousins, Red Dragons are considered the most dangerous - to enter a Red Dragons terrority willingly is seen as surrendering your life forfit, what happens to it is in the hands of fate now, or more accurately, the Red Dragon's.


Metallic Dragons owe their heritage to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, Primoridal Metallic Dragon and Draconic God of the Moon Hala. To being Bahamut created Rugheis and Yrranas, Yrranas being created with features that would be passed down to all known speices of Metallic Dragons, whilst Rugheis was created to shape Metallic Dragons long lost to the world - none of Rugheis' descendants returned during the Draconic Resurgence.   The known types of Metallic Dragons are:
  • Silver - Being born with the ability to create a chilling torrent of ice and cold, as well as a cloud of paralyzing gas, and an immunity to the cold
  • Brass - Being born with a breath weapon of fire and flames, as well as being able to create a cloud that sends its foe's to sleep, and an immunity to fire
  • Bronze - Able to unleash an arcing bolt of lighting, as well as create reverberations in the air so powerful it forces foes back away from it, and having a natural immunity to lightning
  • Gold - Having the ability to unleash an onslaught of fire, as well as create a cloud of gas that seeps into a creatures lungs, weakening thier physical strength, and having a natural immunity to fire
  • Copper - Having the ability to spew up thick, potent acid, as well as created a cloud of gas that slows a foes reactions and abilties, and having an immunity to acid
  • Tin - Able to create a deafening screech that either deafens of paralyzes it's foes, and has an immunity to thunderous damage
  • Zinc -
  • Steel
  • Iron
For many years, before the Draconic Resurgence, it was believed that Queen Mifeath was the last Silver Dragon in existance. Whilst in 178 Queen Mifeath and Mia'rora gave birth to thier first biological child, and a new Silver Dragon was born that way, all be it a half-Dragon, when the Draconic Resurgence happened, a few Silver Dragon's returned, though not as many as hoped by Queen Mifeath.   Metallic Dragons have developed a reputation as 'good' Dragons, where as they are no more inclined to be good and kind than any other sentient being, thier actions and alignment a product of their upbringing. Metallic Dragons are known to be more studious, where their Chromatic cousins are known to be terrortorial, with some of the great libraries of the world being built - or with some help - from a Metallic Dragon. Metallic Dragons are great lovers of literature, though most Dragons are known to horde knowledge alongside wealth, Metallic Dragons will more often than not have tomes and books in their hordes.


Gemstone Dragons owe their heritage to Kaltorius, Primoridal Gemstone Dragon, and Draconic God of the Moon Preida. To begin Kaltorius created Challos, and would create many other types of Gemstone Dragons. Gemstone Dragons are still realtively new to the modern world, and whilst many older Dragons who returned during the Draconic Resurgence have found it difficult to reintergrate themselves into the world, younger Dragons who were either born on Oxdara or were very young when they arrived, have began to claim areas of land across the world, working to insure they have their own home, but not destroy or displace the people who have been living there for generations.   The known types of Gemstone Dragons are:
  • Amethyst - Amethyst Dragons have a mastery of Gravity, being able to form a small black hole in their mouthes, unleashing
  • Crystal
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Moonstone


Bestial Dragons are the only type who weren't created by the Primoridals, and as such aren't sentient - Beastial Dragons are thought to have evolved through the an imbalance in the Life Force of Oxdara as most Beastial Dragon races started appearing after the Draconic Resurgence, so it is theorised that when the influx of Draconic magic returned to Oxdara it created the Beastial Dragons. Beastial Dragons are often called Drakes rather than Dragons due to them not being sentient.   The known Beastial Dragons are-
  • Wolf-Drake
  • Lion-Drake
  • Ursa-Drake

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons reproduce in a hermaphroditic way, which allows them to have children with creatures of many races, including the mortal peoples like Humans, Elves, Firbolgs and more. When in a relationship with a mortal creature, the Dragon takes the form, or at the very least a form with the correct reproductive organs, necessary for creating a child. Whilst not unheard of for Dragons to carry a child, creating an egg with the half dragon inside, it is more common for the non dragon to carry the child to birth, allowing the Dragon to change between forms.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragons go through many stages through their life, detailed below:
  • Wyrmling - From hatching to around their 10 year
  • Young - From age 10-100
  • Adult - From age 100-900 At this point the Dragon is able to change into whatever form it wishes
  • Ancient - Ages 900-1500
  • Greatwyrm - 1500+

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dragon's exist all over Oxdara, however some places have come to be safe havens for them, places like Oasis in Erendoc and Polantia in Rularia.

Average Intelligence

Dragons are vastly intelligent, even from a young age. A Dragon wyrmling being as intelligent as a fully grown adult human or dwarf, even before their first year. But more than intelligent, Dragons are wise creatures.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragons have excellent sight in both the light and the dark, some even able to see through the tremors in the ground or from sense of smell or hearing. Their sense's are far greater than any mortal creature, much like how a dogs sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than a humans, a Dragon's senses are even stronger.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

There are a few large Draconic organisations that exist across Oxdara. The first and oldest are the Eternal Dragons, the first Dragons ever created by the Primordial Dragons, Bahamut, Tiamat and Kaltorius.   The largest major Draconic organisations would be the two Draonic nations, Oasis and Polantia - Though a larger Draconic nation is believed to exist on Udosix, though very few people have ever met or seen a Dragon from Udosix due to the contients reclusivity. Oasis is the only Dragon nation across the three known contients, being established by Dragons, in a region uninhabitable by mortal races, whereas Polantia was first a Dragonborn nation, and only after the coronation of Queen Mifeath, the first Dragon monarch across the three contients, did Polantia start to draw more Dragons to it; since the riegn of Queen Akonth began more and more Dragons have started to live in Polantia or the Polantian colonies.

Gender Ideals

Dragon's have no need for a gender differential, whilst there are male and female Dragons, that doesn't come from a place of the male or female sex, as Dragons can take either form, or neither. Gender comes from within.

Common Taboos

A major taboo against any Dragon is damaging, stealing from or hurting their hordes. A Dragons horde can encompass many things, whilst most Dragons horde wealth, magic items, knowledge or items, some Dragon's create their 'horde' around people. Queen Mifeath is known for this, having formed her horde around her family, having a necklace that she constantly wears with small round coins engraved with the inital of each of her children - having raised dozens of children throughout her life, adopting them from local orphanages or Dragon children left alone in the world.
Scientific Name
Draconis Draconis
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The colour and markings on a Dragon vary from speices to speices, with all Dragons falling in one of four subspecies - Chromatic, Metallic, Gemstone and Beastial.
Geographic Distribution


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