The Woodsmen

  Important title for an organization in my world  
  • The Woodsmen is a title given to the resident leshy that stalks the cold woodlands of the mountains (yet unnamed)
  • The Woodsmen essentially is the nature of the area itself and speaks through a disembodied voice - think of a cooler shambling mound able to teleport a la Witcher 3 (dang Leshi)
  • They are a harsh despot of the organization, and their goals are ultimately the balance of the area in favor of nature. The druid clergy under the Woodsmen seek to make sure that the give and take relationship between the denizens and the ecosystem remains how the Woodsmen demands
  The reason this religion exists in the first place is due to the immigration to these lands that happened long ago. Effectively, the Leshy took the ancestors of these lands in and is protecting them against harsher oppressors/ruling class. It is tin the Leshy's best interest to keep the people here since he is mentoring them into caretakers of the region. The leshy may also choose to bless those he favors with druidic powers. - think of this guy as an arch-fey  
  • The Leshy is reserved, caluclating, and ultimately benevolent despite the "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" mentality - leaving quite a few villages to die during harsher times.
  • The Leshy can disguise themselves to appear in civilized areas and will do this a la greek mythos (the story of Bosis and... UM... his WIFE??? what's her name >_<)
  • I really need to read some german myths to get a sense of this guy.
  What's a secret the Leshy keeps? - Well, ok, let's say that the creatures are only as large as they are in this region because of the leshy's power. They are more "wild" than anywhere else these beatss could be found because of the power of this guy. - So, why is it here and no where else? Maybe a curse from a deed long ago keeps it tied to the land, and it wants to do good, despite its circumstances.   OOPS NO RESPONSABILITIES >w>


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