Lady Victoria

"I'm not a Lady, Alderman Patrick, my father is not dead.". Victoria Winter responded.
-"Well your father, the lord, left you in charge of Castle Winter and Icereach. So I think it is only fitting to call you lady."
"I don't like it."
-"Well, to be frank, you better get used to it, because more people will call you Lady."
"I'm not even that old yet."
-"It is not about age. It's about the position you take, and the job you have been given."
"Why can't you and everyone else just keep calling me Victoria? As they always have?"
-"Because you're doing a good job?"
"Pfft, I've no idea what I'm doing."
-"Anyway, how are the earthwork contructions going along?"
"Good. We've uncovered the foundations of all bastions. There are crews digging the moat. I think today they will connect the ponds on the east side to each other."
-"Are they on schedule?"
"According to the building-master, they are going faster than he expected. Five months more was his last update."
-"And the town?"
"My father didn't have any plans for the town. It's too big to fortify."
-"I see."
"When the fortification of the castle is done, I'll have a chat with the building-master, maybe we can at least have a moat and a rampart along the eastern border, or something."
-"That will be nice. Will you be inspecting the building progress today?"
"No, I can't, not today. I received a letter from my brother."
-"Your brother, he can write?"
"Yes, I was surprised too!"
-"What did he have to say?"
"He, dad and the regiment arrived at an army base camp. They are camping there for a few days, while they sort out the bureaucratic mess of a private secret army showing up willing to aid the war effort."
-"Ah yes, I can imagine that will involve some paperwork."
"But with the message came also a lot of letters and notes from the people that went with them. I'll be delivering those to their families in Icereach and around."
-"You have staff in the castle that can do that for you. You know that right?"
"I will do it myself"
-"And then you wonder why people call you Lady?" Alderman Patrick said to himself while Victoria walked away.
Nobility, Hereditary

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