“Why does my father think the enemy will show up at our castle's gate? Doesn't he trust our army? Why would he think they are interested in our little castle?" Victoria Winter asked.
-"He does trust the army, but there is no harm in being well prepared. How far is it to the nearest town?"
"@Icereach? Five minutes."
-"No, I meant the next one."
"Oh uhm, three hours by wagon, two and a half if you ride."
-"Exactly, and do the towns around us have castles, are they of any importance?"
-"So if the eastern border collapses, and the eastern provinces get over run. They are wide flat lands, with farms, meadows and small forests. Maybe some hill or a small stream. There is no natural defence there. Our little castle is one of the main strong points. Yes, between us and the eastern border are many more towns, some with walls and some moats, others with earthworks even, but not a fortified castle. Why does Icereach have a castle?"
"It always was here"
-"Yes, but somebody build it."
"I dunno"[br -"Come on Victoria, your teachers must have told this."
"I'm sure he tried. He couldn't get my attention though."
-"The forest to our north can you ride through them easily?"
"No, they are too rocky. Even walking is difficult and slow."
-"What is to our south"
"Farm lands"
-"Yes, now there are farmlands, but the castle was built here, before the farm lands where farm lands, they were swamps. And in the time of your great-great-great-grandfather, Icereach was a big town, situated on one of the few roads connecting the east and the west. The castle was built to protect that. And control that connection in a time where all the local lords ruled in their own right."
"But now any invader could just walk around us."
-"They could. But that would be a very stupid tactical move."
"Icereach is not much of a big town anymore either."
-"I know. To our south, there are now several routes connecting the east and the west. But I know the Lady Claudette. She will re-flood those swamps when our enemy comes too close."
"I will make sure our stores and provisions are full. If an enemy comes at our gates, the town folk will want to hide behind our new fortress gates. And I can't build an earthwork rampart around the whole town."
-"I think that is a good idea lady Victoria" Alderman Patrick replied.

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