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Burning King

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My people have lived on these island forever. We had our highs and lows, rough times and smooth times. Sometimes we were fighting, othertimes we stood together. The Kemoth are an independant people. They don't respect the authority of anybody other than their elders.   Still the title of Burning King has existed for ages as well. Not as a ruler, but a mediator and embasador. I'm not ruling the people, I'm serving them.
Kaden Redaxe - Burning King
  The Burning King's importance has changed drastically over time. Sometimes they only serve a ritualistic position, not holding any political or military power. Other times they united the entire northern island of Korgutar, becoming one of the most powerful individuals along the Golden Coast.   Today, the Burning King speaks for the entire Burning Isles and is their embasador towards the Confederation of the Golden Coast. After the Southern Rebellion of 681, the Burning King got more and more military and political power, and now acts as a peace keeping force in the area.  

Election & Coronation

When a Burning King dies - no matter if by natural causes or forceful removal - the leaders of the settlements on the Burning Isles come together and vote for a new Burning King. Often they choose one of themselves or the heir of the previous King. Depending on the cultural importance of the King at any given time, the leaders might also decide to just send a representative instead of going themselves.   After the decision is finalized the nominee - now called "Ember King" - is announced to everyone on the Islands. 30 days afterwards, the Ember King is crowned by the Order of the Burning Peak on top of the volcano. At that point, any adult citizen of the island can bring forth their concerns towards the nominee. If the concerns are validated and severe enough, the Order might refuse to chrown the Ember King, restarting the entire process.
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